window washer working at building outdoor

Exterior maintenance is very crucial for the success of any business. Potential customers are first attracted by what you portray from the outside. In addition, maintenance helps in saving the cost of repairs. An exterior maintenance plan will include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, landscaping, and pressure washing.

Here are the key areas to include in your exterior maintenance plan:


The roof is the most exposed part of any building. Without proper maintenance, it may necessitate a replacement sooner than you think. A roof decay can cause a significant disruption in the structure when not routinely checked.

The building manager incorporates visual inspections on the roof yearly and after every rainfall season. Do not forget to include gutters in the plan too. They can cause dirt that will prevent water from flowing. Gutters should be checked monthly and every season to avoid costly repairs.


Windows are very crucial since they influence both the exterior and interior. Clean windows make a good first impression on potential customers, while a good window will keep insects outside and close any pathway for water.

Apart from the regular cleaning of windows, it is vital to check for any gaps that may be created over time. Seal the cracks with caulk to ensure nothing can pass through. A monthly cleaning routine is good to keep your windows looking great. Inspect for cracks seasonally to ensure no leakages.


The landscaping routine is almost done daily to maintain a good appearance. However, some people take it as a seasonal routine, especially during summer when trees are shedding off leaves and winter.

Start by identifying the high-risk areas such as flooding and slippery spaces. Trim trees regularly, especially those along the entrance, during summer water plants and grass that need flourishing to maintain their look and durability.


Sidewalks are number one on your maintenance plan list. Sidewalks are used every minute by employees and customers who want to access you. You do not want potential customers getting tripped along the pathways. It is very typical for concrete paths to develop cracks over time.

Therefore, regular inspections are crucial to avoid accidents. When someone breaks themselves due to the crack, it may result in a lawsuit, and you do not want this. In addition, you would like to add pressure washing of the sidewalks yearly in your maintenance plan.

Exterior maintenance does not satisfy only your customers but also yourself and your employees. Who does not want to enjoy beautiful, refreshing places? Create a list and routine for the areas that need attention and ensure that routines are strictly followed monthly, quarterly, and annually. Finally, have a maintenance team that appreciates its work. A well-maintained business creates safety and trust for everyone around.