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If you sell home services, then you might provide anything from electrical work and plumbing services to landscaping and home cleaning. You probably work hard to land repeat business quite a bit, and that’s smart. Home services often make 80 percent of their business from repeat customers. However, it means that to make more money, you need to start upselling. That can require some creativity.

Make Yourself an Authority

Your website blog is a great place to start informing others about your industry and how it impacts them. Follow it up with social media platform messages and links giving local consumers information and options no one else is. When you’re ready, offer them something no one else in your local area is. Even if competitors follow suit, you can still advertise how you were the first to do something. Lead the local industry, and the money will follow.

Be the Absolute Best

Look up your local competitors on any applicable review or rating system, but it is Google, Yelp, or something else. Find out what their ratings are, and then do everything you can to make yours the tops in the local industry. This is an automatic selling point that tells homeowners their own neighbors have turned to you and liked the services and products you provided them.

Go Green to Make Green

Environmental awareness is at an all-time high. Using eco-conscious products that preserve the planet’s resources might not always be cheap, but you also never know when a homeowner might pay a premium to live within their personal values about caring for the world everyone calls home while they get services they need in their own home.

Offer Service Contracts

This option might not work if you primarily do plumbing repairs. However, if you do anything that could be regular, from cleaning area rugs to checking the roof twice a year, then consider offering annual packages. Members could enjoy discounted services in exchange for signing up for regular visits by your professionals. They save money, and you get to make more.

Upselling Works

The one thing you never want to do when selling your own services is to think of your own wallet or bank account. Depending on the financial status of the homeowners you work for, you might be dealing with people who make more money than many in your business do. Never self-sabotage by projecting yourself onto your clients.