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TizaaWorks The Employability Platform in Ghana

The launch of the TizaaWorks platform in May 2015, was a major step for Ghana, International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) and Microsoft. The TizaaWorks portal, is a national one-stop online hub for employability and entrepreneurship. The portal aims to equip the youth with the right hard and soft skills to bridge the skills gap and secure first-time job opportunities, in addition to providing career guidance and resources for those wanting to build their own businesses.The launch event included 200 attendees, including local youth and partners from the Private Sector, Universities and Educational Centres, NGOs, Government  and Donor Organisations.


As stated by Brad Smith, Microsoft General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs, “I’m inspired by the important contribution young people can make to their communities and to our world, but we need to help bridge the gap between these young people and the fulfilling careers they deserve. We believe technology can help by empowering young people to achieve more. The TizaaWorks online portal aims to connect first time job seekers with each other, with resources to enhance their skills, and ultimately with potential employers”. We are impressed by the progress made in the last three months to ensure the youth get access to  education, employment, entrepreneurship, life skills, livelihood and literacy. Thanks to our ever growing number of partnerships.

Getting youth employed is the primary purpose of the platform, and as such providing jobs is an essential part of that and here is a closer look at what happens at


Who am I? 

Not sure which career path is right for you? We focus on positive identity, career counselling, mentor matching to help you know yourself, your strengths and your interests.

Ready 4 Employment? 

Develop job acquisition and work-readiness skills like writing a CV, effective interviewing, work etiquette and safety. Apply for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.


Ready 4 Training? Receive industry relevant hands on  training from mentors and industry professions. Connect and Network with mentor to build effective communication and business skills.

Ready 4 Entrepreneurship?     

Ghana business modelling and planning, cognitive analysis for problem-solving and decision making. We  also provide startup training, incubation, forum of ideas and experiences.

Ready 4  E-Learning?

100’s of free certified  online courses to expand your knowledge and skills inline with your interests.  – Education,  IT, Language, Entrepreneurship, Business, Science, Psychology, Health, Art & Law.

Ready 4 Citizenship?  

We focus on youth relevant community engagement activities happening all over the country and provide individual livelihood pathway plans.

Who Is Tizaaworks Good For?

     Not sure which career path to pursue?

 Starting in a tertiary institution soon?

 Established tertiary student looking for internship and job opportunities?

 Senior graduating next year from school?

 Graduate starting your national service?

Just completed your national service?

 Entry level employee looking to make an impression?

 Established employee looking to move up the lather?

Or just a life long learner?

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