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Spotlight on Ghana’s FASTEST growing E- COMMERCE SITE – Hasbys

This month’s spotlight is on one of Ghana’s fastest growing e-commerce sites, and our community members, Hasbys. Hasbys is a consumer deals website that features discounts on various products and services across the world. We got in touch with Dominic Adoboe, Brands  and Corporate Communications Manager.

iSpace: What is your role, what does Hasbys do and how many people are in the team?


D.A: My name is Dominic Adoboe. I am the Brands  and Corporate Communications Manager at Hasbys and I am a student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ), studying public relations. My role in Hasbys is basically to manage the Hasbys brand and also facilitate corporate communication and our agenda as a company. My role specifically has to do with giving Hasbys brand awareness and ensuring that the kind of image that we have as a brand is one that’s positive and people will like to associate with. Currently, we are about seven people in the team.

iSpace: Why did you decide to join the iSpace community?


D.A: Hasbys was here before I came. iSpace is a very good environment  for  tech start-ups. The space is in a good area and the people are very friendly. The iSpace team is very helpful, and made up of fun people that you can interact with and who are very easy-going. So it makes the environment very free and you are able to work effectively.

iSpace: What are some of the challenges you face running a start up-specifically an e-commerce start up?

D.A: The major challenge we face is managing people and finding the right team to work with. As a start-up, we’re still figuring things out to perfect our system and make sure that  everything works out well and sometimes, finding the right people to work with can be very challenging. Not everybody has got patience to understand the vision of what you are doing.


Another challenge is that e-commerce is still growing in Ghana. The people are a little sceptical about doing business online because of potential fraud issues. It is also difficult for people to trust a start-up which is not as well known as other brands.

iSpace: What are some of your greatest achievements to date?

D.A: Our greatest achievement is the growth of the team and the business. We have been getting calls everyday, orders are being made and we’re also making deliveries. At first when we started, we made the deliveries ourselves but now we have a delivery partner. We’re managing a larger number of clients/customers than we were before and we have also gained credibility and trust over time.


iSpace: What is the best thing about working from iSpace?

D.A: The best thing is the people. I don’t think you will go and find this number of people with these sets of skills anywhere else in Ghana. The people that work in and from iSpace are good at what they do. It is very easy for me to learn from others and to build upon myself and develop myself as well. Also, the seminars and the events held at iSpace, are very beneficial and I learn a lot. Having the environment and the space, gives you freedom to work.

Source : Ispace Ghana

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