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Reinventing Patient Data Management With ClaimSync

How It Began

Whiles at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) Seth Akumani, Isaac Mcsey, Ebenezer Nubuour and Emmanuel Yirenkyi realized the health sector was plagued with many challenges. And as students they resolved to help end some of these challenges within the health sphere. After a conversation with a few health personnel’s in various hospitals and clinics the group realized the use of manual folders as a way of keeping help records was a huge hindrance to health care delivery. Together they worked to create a product that will solve this problem.

The Challenge in Details

For many years now hospitals and clinics have relied on storing patient information manually by using paper folders as the most secure and best way of keeping health records. However, this practice has had its own deficiencies: either the paper documents become misplaced, destroyed or thrown away after certain periods of time, making it difficult for health practitioners to track the health status of some patients they have treated. The implication of this being that the treatment of a patient may not necessarily follow any health pattern and he or she may not be attended to if their first doctor, who knows the patients history, is not around.


Solution At last

In order to prevent these situations from occurring, Seth, Isacc, Ebenezer, and Emmanuel developed a technology product called ClaimSync, a software that enables institutions and businesses to manage records electronically. Currently, their main focus is to help healthcare facilities automate the records of their patients and to generate medical records electronically. The ClaimSync platform also helps insurance payers to receive medical claims electronically. ClaimSync has helped to reduce cost and the amount of data entries that happens whenever health officials are dealing with patient information. More so the stress involved in making a claim has been reduced.

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Amazing Features/Vison

For health facilities the software comes with a patient management feature, a web-based interface, staff management, statistics and reports among other features. There is also an insurance portal that has an electronic claims submission feature, simple online claims vetting, ICD -10 compliance among several other features which makes it easy to process a claim and to be vetted.


Moving Forward

ClaimSync has been acquired by GenKey a provider of large scale biometric identity management solution. With this acquisition both outfits will join forces to ensure quality healthcare delivery in Ghana. Read more about ClaimSync by visiting their website.

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