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Instilling Ghanaian Pride: The Creō Way

Last week was an epic and prideful week for Ghanaian girls and women all over the world. You had to have been hiding under a rock to not notice the ‘7 Days, 7 Goddesses’ social media campaign by the branding geniuses and advertising mavericks over at Creō Concepts.

In 2015, we were introduced to Ghanaba, a series of illustrations which depicts various facets of life and experiences through the eyes of ‘child of Ghana.” If you know much about Ghanaian culture then sure you are aware that, in most instances, children are given a “day name” which corresponds to the day of the week they were born. The pronunciations of day names are based on the ethnic groups and have further meanings concerning the soul and character of the person. These names are also used among Ghanaians living abroad and among Africans living in the diaspora who wish to identify with their ancestral homeland. Here are some of the day names for both male and female:

Days of the Week

Female  Male
Sunday Akosua, Esi Akwasi, Kwasi, Kwesi,
Monday Adwoa, Adjoa Kojo, Kodjo, Kwadwo
Tuesday Abena, Abina, Araba Kwabena, Kobena, Kobina,
Wednesday Akua, Ekua, Aku, Kuukua Kwaku, Kweku,
Thursday Yaa, Aba, Baaba Papa, Yao, Yaw
Friday Efia, Efua, Afi Fiifi, Kofi, Yoofi
Saturday Ama, Amma Kwame, Ato

* Click here for more about Ghanaian names

The “7 Day, 7 Goddesses” campaign, which launched on Monday, February 8th, 2016, was a play on “day names” and also introduced us to the various Ghanaba characters and their personalities:

Monday Borns– Great Friends


Tuesday Borns– Great Parents


Wednesday Borns– Best Wives


Thursday Borns– Great Bosses


Friday Borns– Great Mentors

Friday-Afia or Afua

Saturday Born– Perfect Lovers


To the average person who is not familiar with day names, this might seem like great illustrations and visual concept. However, it was more than just artwork. These creative images about Ghanaian culture sent the world into a frenzy and became the topic of conversation for a lot of people. The females wanted more and eagerly shared it across their social media platforms. As the men begged and pleaded for their turn.

Now I’m sure you are wondering why Sunday borns are missing?? In fact, we are, or should I say that I am still slightly bitter about not seeing Akosua in circulation with the bunch but we have been promised that our identity will be revealed on February 21st. So for now, I will sit and wait patiently with the rest of you Akosua’s and Esi’s. Either way, Creō Concepts gets a lot of cool points in our book for their creativity and originality.

Author: Akosua Akyere, threesixtyGh


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