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90km west of Takoradi, and 5km north of Beyin, is Nzulezu, which means “surface of water”. This settlement is located on one side of Lake Tadane which is fed by two nearby rivers.

Inhabitants of the village are said to have migrated here from Walata, a city in the ancient Ghana Empire. According to legend their ancestors were guided to this particular spot by a snail.

Nearly everything in this village on stilts take place on or just above the water – cooking, schooling, recreation, etc. Whenever a new baby is born, it is baptized in the lake, which is believed to be a protection against drowning. To preset the ecology, the local people use traditional bamboo hooks instead of lead ones for fishing.


The best time to visit the settlement is during the rainy seasons (April to September). During the rest of the year, as the parts of the lake bed dry out, you will have to walk some distance before taking a canoe to the village. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that you do not mind getting wet. Nzulezu welcomes visitors every day except Thursday, which is a sacred day. There is a fee for a canoe and oarsmen.

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