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Question – “Are there parks in Accra ?” I heard you ask in your head. Yes, there are a few parks and gardens, and for this year’s holiday known as “Africa Day” and several other holidays, I decided to spend  some time at a green park for some relaxation and to do some reading. Luckily for me, I had persuaded a friend to join me on this trip and guess what, the park was just about 20 minutes drive from my home. The journey was a short one and as we drove through this part of the Ashiyie Town (Off the Adenta-Dodowa Road), leading to Rufus Green Parks, we observed what it was like to have proper planning in mind and in place. Each side road had a signage with street name. The main road was wide, although untarred, it was a nice piece of road, and was not busy for our Monday afternoon drive.

We read the names of the streets from Silver Street, Grey Street, Purple Street, Amber Street, Caramel to Flamingo. How lovely and thoughtful of the town planners to have done their job, making it so easy for directions to be given and followed to get to a particular destination on that stretch.

Rufus 6  As we drove down, we were also looking out for signage to direct us to Rufus Green Park, and to be honest, I was not impressed with the main billboard we came across. It was too small and you could easily miss it. Nevertheless, we arrived at our destination to this peaceful and almost quiet park. Since it was a holiday, a church group had gathered there for a small retreat event. At the entrance were  4 to 5 signage with welcome and informational messages on them.  Immediately, my tourism planning and designing mindset came to play (so my first degree was in Tourism and Travel Communications), I thought to myself, “how can Rufus improve this ? Could there be one big signage or maximum 2 which gets the information across, so the visitor is not bombarded with too much as they arrive and enter the park?“.

Upon getting through the main entrance to the park, which was a free entry, I asked my friend – “so how do they generate income to maintain the park and to pay the workers ?” – We would later on learn from one attendant that they have charges for groups that come to use the park  for programmes (8 Ghana Cedis for adults and 5 Ghana Cedis for children), but for individuals it is free entry, but such visitors like my friend and I were expected to buy some drinks and some food from their snacks bar and restaurant.

Rufus 1A walk around to see what the park had for visitors took us through different recreational facilities of the green park.  A giant ludo game, a giant chess game, a giant Mills game, Table Tennis, a mini soccer field, and a volley ball court.  Again I suggested to my friend – “I think think they could put up a signage of instructions on how to play some of the games that are not popular in this part of our world; example the Mills game.”

Our walk through took us to a section that had slides, see-saw, swings and other recreational facilities for children to get them active and playing, although some adults were seen having some fun on the swings and the slides.

We concluded our day by relaxing and reading our books….although food we ordered from Rufus was not great, we had a truly great day out.

Rufus 2

Author : The Social Dialogue



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