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SPOTLIGHT ON Rachèlle Events Ghana

Adwoa Gyapomaa Afriyie Bonsu is the Senior Design Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Rachèlle Events Ghana. Adwoa whose passion is Decor and events planning has been able to transform her passion from just being what she enjoy doing into a business organization. A business which has grown and continues to grow to become an event giant in Ghana.

We had the honor of chatting with Adwoa Gyapoma Afriyie about her organization.

_MG_35851. What inspired you start your business
Back in my senior high school days in Wesley Girls’ High School I enjoyed taking part planning and organizing events and activities. It never seemed like a chore although it was hard work and tiring. I loved to see a place look different in a good way and a program going on well. I have always had a flair for events. Thus after Wesley Girls High School, I began to understudy and joined Mrs. Gloria Buckman-Yankson’s team ( PlanIt Events Ghana) from my first year of university up until the end of my third year where I gained exposure , knowledge and was groomed until I decided it was time to start my own events styling company.

2. Your line of business involves a lot of risks, are you a risk taker? What is the biggest risk you have taken to see your business grow?

_MG_8087Leaving PlanIt Ghana to start on my own has been one of my biggest risks ever. I keep contemplating whether it was the right time or not to leave and start on my own; whether I should wait and start after my KNUST days or start whiles in school. Interestingly, some of the things keep shaping me and my company have come as a result of the personal hands down experiences, mistakes and successes I made on my own as well. I started my business with practically nothing from anyone in terms of financial assistance as most of my jobs that came about were the kinds that needed to be pre financed before execution. At a point in my final year in university two of my closest friends were pretty worried as I commuted to Accra and back for meetings with prospective clients most of the weekends- sometimes it had to even be on week days. Most of my potential clients had no idea I was still in school. I combined both school and my activities.I was determined not to let my school work or business suffer. There were tearful nights and happy days yet I don’t regret anything. I take other forms of risks on a very regular basis. Sometimes you have to make a lot of sacrifices and choose work over friends and all other pleasures but it’s consoling to know eventually it will work out for the greater good. Now it’s also easier with supportive family members and loved ones as now they understand and appreciate what I do better.

3. What inspires you? 

_MG_3455When my clients put their hope and trust my brand and what I do-it inspires and motivates me to do better production after production. I want to keep outdoing myself and amazing myself after each gig. I want to look at my styling work and say ‘wow’. When I have happy clients I am therefore I am inspired.

4. What are your greatest achievements?

I am founder of a growing event styling company. I became a C.E.O at age 21. My lifestyle blog was also nominated in a Blog Camp Ghana 2013 Awards for best lifestyle blog. It was in the same category with AmeyawDebrah’s blog and this was actually the first time this kind of awards was being organized. So far these are a few of the achievements of mine.

5. Where do you see your business in the next five years?

In the next 5 years Rachelle Events will begin to organize event productions out of Ghana and in parts of the world. We have just being in existence for a year now and it is amazing how far we have come. Rachelle Events will become a brand that would have stood the test of time.

6. What other startups do you own?

_MG_8089I have two blogs;www.pieceandbits.blogspot.comwhich is a lifestyle and advertising blog. The other is a wedding blog which has a corresponding (@sayingidoingh) Instagram page: www.sayingidoinghana.blogspot.com where I share tips about events and everything concerning weddings and more. I am a team member for Afiyo Creations Ghana as well.
7. Can you be in business without money?

Not necessarily as with this kind of business there must be some in flow and out of money to be able to undertake activities relating to this kind of business.

8. What has been your greatest challenge?

Combining my 8am -5pm job with my events styling job is a challenge but I love it as the days go by because as the days , weeks and months go by it becomes less of a challenge and more of motivation to keep both balance

9. Advise for fellow entrepreneurs?

_MG_3467My advice to my fellow entrepreneurs is that they should try and studying the trends and carve their own niches and styles with regards to their businesses. Entrepreneurs can learn from one another; never the less carving individual niches will make them stand out. Entrepreneurship keeps evolving day in and day out.
In due time my company will establish a school to train individuals who would like to learn more about events styling and practice it. Hopefully we would collaborate, partner and may be even sponsor a few events of the nation where possible in the near future. Entrepreneurship and other factors definitely are key to development of the country. And hopefully soon my company will do that to help in the development of our beloved nation.

Rachèlle Events is a company that provides events styling, interior decor and management services. Info visit www.rachelleeventsgh.

Author: Kwesi Otoo, Writer threesixtygh.com

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  • This lady blew me away when i met her.she is amazing with such a beautiful personality. So free so encouraging so friendly so inspiring!

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