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Obed Bekoe Set To Impress Ghana’s Art Industry

 Obed is the founder of Anchor Impression.

  Anchor Impression is four years old.

  Like Google, it all begun in the founder’s yard.

 Obed is a budding authority on sculpturing and picture making.

  His works speaks the Ghanaian culture.

That’s his strategy to success.

 Ablade Glover inspires him.

However there is a problem……..!

 Few years ago in Ghana Secondary School, koforidua, Artist Obed Ankor Lofty exhibited his strong desire to become arguably one of Ghana’s finest artist in the coming years. Presently he is gradually closing the gap between him and other colleagues within the arts sphere. Raised in Accra, Obed unknowingly fiddled with brushes, palettes, poster colours, oil paint, and abandoned wood striving to build or create something for fun or just to show off in order to earn some accolade in his surroundings. However, he had never thought (that) his usual touches with brushes and oil paint might bring forth his abiding passion to become one of Accra’s budding art entrepreneur.

An6‘Initially I intended to pursue a career in the marine industry for the sake of earning a considerable salary each month. However, it seems nature hardly favored me. In the end, I have no other option presently but to leverage on my talent.’ he said jokingly. As the founder of Anchor Impression, I hinge on my chisel and brush to unravel the story behind our local culture. Without these tools, it might be more difficult to propagate our culture through sculpture and picture making.’ he added.


Most of his works speaks about African culture in diverse themes. From a panaromic view of an African village situated near the beach to elephants plodding through a shallow stream, he is firmly assured that this one of the most ideal ways to showcase our untold story to Africa and the rest of the world. In spite of his desire to revolutionize our local art industry, there is one subtle barrier which might prevent him and other artists to scale over to the mainstream. Lack of finance is a worry to all professionals but discrimination is a bothersome to young artists in Ghana’s art industry.

An5  According to him, mainstream artists probably loathe to glue to those who are yet to reach the mark of an established artist. Although they both employ the services of brush and palettes to produce impressive works, in the end, 80% of these works are left to wither. The remaining 20% make it to the mainstream just because of popularity or hear-say. ‘As the founder of Anchor Impression, I can firmly assert that half of these works produced by the so-called established ones are really good but imagine if they were to go off the scene in the coming years. Which ones, apart from the supposed obsolete ones could efficiently do likewise?’ he queried.

Even if the upcoming ones are fAn3ar better than the present ones, it might take mammoth years for us to expose ourselves to the globe. We need them, they need us, too.’ he added. Obed, nevertheless, seeks to ensure that discrimination won’t cripple his intent for the local industry. He aims to differentiate his works from the established ones by doing what most of them fear to do.

‘My works speak Africanism. As you can see, elephants exist here in African. I’m sure one can find elephants in the far flung areas , but not in Accra. Tourists are always looking for the best opportunity to delve into the Ghanaian culture. My works serves that purpose. Simply, I’m striving to yarn a good story out of these works.’

Works made by Anchor Impression are unique in its entirety. Contact him on facebook via Artist Obed Ankor Lofty .


    Author : Michael A. Aboagye, Networking Engineering, Software Development, Information Security

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