Dilys Sillah, CEO of Who Will Hear My Cry – TedxAccra Speaker

I am a British born Ghanaian immensely proud of my Ghanaian roots.

I am the Founder and CEO of Who Will Hear My Cry (WWHMC)  Ghana, and Who Will Hear My Cry in the  UK, an NGO and not-for-profit organisation respectively.

The work of WWHMC is focused largely on raising awareness on rape, domestic violence and sexual abuse. We deal with the contributors and enablers that make these acts possible in our societies at such alarming levels today.

I believe that it is of paramount importance for children to be raised in an environment that allows them to thrive, for women not to be violated or to have to carry the burden of the shame of rape and domestic violence. I believe our young men can and must be raised in environments or in a society that ensures that they are not perpetrators of the emotional, physical or sexual acts of any type of abuse against women and girls.

Prevention through education, challenging social myths and the eradication of the practices of damaging cultural mindsets and attitudes, is the way forward to putting a STOP to violence of any kind against women and children – this essentially is the mission of WWHMC

Why you should listen

I believe I have a message that will be thought provoking, engaging and informative. Listening to me speak will challenge people to think and to question things they have accepted as being part of life in Ghana and the world as a whole. My talk will compel individuals to take personal responsibility for what they have accepted as the status quo and make each one of us ‘rethink’ our attitudes in even the smallest way, by doing our bit to change or challenge what we know to be wrong.

Quote from Dilys

Never turn a blind eye to injustice or suffering, for we see with the heart and not the eyes

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