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Few years ago, the entire world depended heavily on  private and public banks to negotiate business transaction with clients or stakeholders. In recent times, the mode of banking or technically “Fintech” has shifted dynamically from waiting for several hours in line to deposit or withdraw money from one’s account. Mobile money is now the order of the day. Being able to check up on one’s account and implement cash transaction is its unique features.  Yet not too many locals have accepted the idea of mobile money. Also very few are yet to conceive to the fact that mobile money could take over traditional banking systems in the decades ahead of us.


Whether coincidental or not, OML Africa based in Accra, Ghana seeks to unravel uncertainties covering the impact of mobile money on the lives of middle-class Ghanaian.  As the organizers of the Ghana eCommerce conference ( scheduled for 10th Nov –   11th Nov 2015 ) , its main aim is to promote not only mobile money usage but also raise awareness on the importance of telecoms, ecommerce, banking and Information technology with the help of experts from Nigeria , Spain and South Africa.

According to Paul Asinor of OML Africa, Vodafone’s CEO Haris Broumidis  is expected to share his expertise on the rise of mobile money. Definitely we should expect Haris to throw more light on how mobile money could minus the stress of waiting for long hours in queue just cash out your own money. Extending financial services to majority of the unbanked has proven to be a daunting challenge for banking institutions in Ghana. Out of Ghana’s population of 25.9 million, a whopping 18.13 million representing 70 percent of the population, is unbanked.



The advent of technology and its correspondent mobile money platforms introduced by telecommunication companies is, however, contributing immensely in bridging the gap between the unbanked and financial services. Haris’ presentation at the second Ghana  eCommerce conference will highlight the transformative elements of the mobile money concept; the gradual continental drift of the fundamental use of cash towards a cash-lite/cashless society in Africa and Ghana and the benefits thereof.

Also, Haris will share the Kenya’s revolutionary success story of M-pesa and how Ghana can benefit from that to extend basic financial services to millions of the unbanked who only need a mobile phone as the entry requirement.  Apart from Haris, there will be 18 top speakers presenting papers on various topics at the 2-day conference including Cyber Security, Cloud for Business, Social Media, Online Advertising and many more!


Each delegate seat costs GHC500 with massive discounts for 2 or more delegates from the same organization.

Truly, this event should be attended by telecoms, startups,  Fintech developers, Investors, ecommerce owners as well as acquirers of technology systems who wish to move ahead in the technology industry.

Author : Micheal Aboagye, Writer

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