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Abroad Impact is an exchange programs founded by native Ghanaians who, through exposure abroad, have a keen understanding for the needs of foreigners traveling to Ghana. They have a personal interest in ensuring a true cultural immersion experience and they are excited to show foreigners the richness Ghana has to offer. More importantly they are excited to offer unique programs, such as those in renewable energy, textiles, and photography, which pave a path for future collaboration between Ghanaians and foreigners.

Their programs are constantly evolving to tap into the cultural wealth that exists in Ghana and address current issues. In addition to offering programs in traditional areas such as medicine, teaching, and community development, they also offer unique workshops that combine learning, travel, and hands-on activities in the areas of photography, textiles, and renewable energy.

They also give participants many opportunities to experience Ghana authentically as a member of the community, not merely as a tourist passing by. Living with a local host family provides volunteers direct exposure to Ghanaian culture, customs, and traditions, as well as providing a trusted source of support and community information.

To ensure meaningful programs, they work with educators and professionals in Ghana and in the U.S to develop the curriculum for their workshops. They selectively choose reputable organizations and work with their management to develop internship and volunteer projects, maintaining constant communication with participants once they are in the country.

It’s not always easy to adjust to life in another country, so their program staff provides continued support and real world knowledge before, during and after your travel experience.

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