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Aya Morrison has announced the launch of it’s brand new online store look. Aya Morrison is a womenswear fashion line focusing on beachwear, clothing and accessories. It was created and started by Helena Aya Aidoo-Morrison while she attended the Bernard M Baruch College (CUNY) in New York City in November 2008 – her third year of college. This brand conception was inspired by the fashion-forward woman who loves to look effortlessly sexy, enjoy her curves & simply be stylish.

AYA-MORRISON-SOIREE-2011-02Aya Morrison is a full blown fashion brand with a mission to be one of the best, if not THE best, womenswear brands coming out of Africa. Their goal is to make stylish women smile everyday, while enriching the fashion industry with their ever creative fresh and new ideas. In the next 5 years they hope to be, not just a household name among celebrities across the world & all fashionable women, but also on major international platforms in Paris, New York and beyond

Their clothes are made for the grown and sexy! The Aya Morrison Woman is the ever sexy, fashionable, middle-class working woman from age 21 years and up, who loves to shop, look absolutely good and feel sexy but classy in everything she wears. Aya Morrison ELIXIR – their LUXURY line will begin selling by appointment only in their NYC & ATLANTA SHOWROOMS from October, 2016. Aya Morrison RTW, our pret-a-porter, however, is NOW SELLING online at
Helena explains: “Aya Morrison is a short version of my name. Aya is an Akan adinkra symbol which stands for the “fern” – a sign of resourcefulness and endurance. It is also a title for grandmother in the Fanti culture of Ghana. I was named after my father’s grandmother, hence the name Aya. All through my childhood friends and family have called me Aya Morrison for short and when I started this line, every piece was an intrinsic idea, desire & creativity brought to life and so I named it after myself – AYA MORRISON”.
The Aya Morrison brand is inside-out African, although we produce a variety of our products all over the world. The connection this name has to Africa is the fern. The fern is believed to be a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places and coming from Africa where things are thought to be under privileged and stark (maybe), the fern, for us, truly represents our brabella_makeup_bag_ayamorrison2__33275nd as withstanding any such setbacks and still blossoming. It’s a way to communicate to the diasporas that Africa is resourceful and capable of the amazing things life has to offer.
They are right at your doorstep! Simply go to your computer and type & voila! Better yet, shop our latest RTW products at our all-new online store at right from your living room (ya!). We also certainly can be found on social media: Twitter: @ayamorrison Facebook: <3ayamorrison<3 Instagram: @ayamorrison

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