Winter is coming…

The beginning is with new life… the birth of a new soul, the cry of a new baby and the contagious joy that spreads all around. Its beauty is as the vernal garden, filled with flowers of colours and fluttering wings of gold speckled butterflies. So we begin, with freshness, with purity, with beauty, with innocence. We begin with Spring!

Springtime is as simple as it can be. We live as little kings, with our every need catered for. We laugh toothlessly at our lullabies as we are cuddled in our cradles, our minds free from worries, filled only with dreams and imaginations. Soon, we start aging into young children, yet still with the free spirit of spring. We begin to learn; we begin to understand naively the wonders of the world—the sight of soaring aeroplanes, the magnificence of balloons, sweet taste of candy and the friendship of toys. We spend our days lightly with play and the nights deeply with rich sleep. And we wake each morning with the happiness of the new sun.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ah! The beauty of Spring!

Then suddenly, heat is on! It’s summer; the sun is up and so are our emotions, our drives, and our ambitions. The energy courses through our bodies in abundance and is easily spilled. But you see, Summer is when we truly start building a future. After all, we make hay whiles the sun shines and in summer, the sun shines brightest. So we spend the days of Summer getting an education or learning a skill or craftsmanship and the night, those hot nights of summer, are for no sleep! Those nights are for an array of activities—effortful and occasionally inefficient studying, late-night frolicking and sometimes they are spent with fingers interlocked and arms intertwined, strolling in those breezeless nights with someone we call special. Summer is a time of uninhibited appetite—we want more, we search for more, we crave more, enough is never enough! That is our drive in Summer; our desires push us to make the best or the worst out of the season through our choices … choices whose consequences live with us forever like scars.

So fly in Summer, soar with all your energy … soar into those cloudless skies, but be wary, lest the sun burns you, if you fly too high.


                                                                                               Live in Summer… live with exuberance!

When it is Autumn, the leaves start falling and so does the silly wishes of childhood, the illusions and the energy of youth. We see life as it is¬¬—raw, bleak, uncoloured and unfriendly. Life is no longer a funfair… no longer a party … life is war! Fall is when we fall, fall from those ambitious skies of youthful Summer and we settle down … settle down to have families, have children, have more responsibilities than we can bear. For now, we are soldiers, venturing into the torment of the world for the sake of those who look up to us. Now there is no shield from our parents, our dying parents; no redemption from the wizened father … no solace from the frail mother… we bear our cross alone. The ease of Autumn rests on the aftermath of Summer, you enjoy according to how much hay you made … and if you made none, you suffer! Autumn is when our youthful efforts are crowned with the success of relief… that is when we also reap from the seed of mistakes, stupidity, and wastefulness we sowed. With all the strife of Autumn, it also, usually, marks the ending opportunity we have to add our little quota to society. It marks the last few chances left for us to make that mark in the world. So remember, through the hardships of Autumn, not to succumb to the pressures of wrongdoing but rather stand as a champion for truth, one who is morally white and leaves behind a legacy of light.

                                                                 Work in Autumn… work to be a legend!

Winter is a perseverance … a sufferance for death. Winter shall come. It shall come with blistering cold and treacherous winds; burning cold, that will freeze your joints and bite your backbone; icy winds that will deafen your ears and blur your eyes. You will know when it comes. When your skin melts and falls in layers upon itself as wrinkles, when your jaws weaken and the teeth in them start to fall, when all your words come out as stuttering sounds, that is when you will know that winter is upon you … that is when you know death is lingering behind your shadow. You can no longer run, no longer fly, no longer soar… all you do is sit; sit to give your counsel, sit to tell your story, your experience, your mistakes, your nightmares. All the warmth that you get is from your past; all the smiles from the reminiscence of your youth and in your mind the imagery flows endlessly—the colour of Spring, the effervescence of Summer and the sobriety of Autumn. All your comfort is from the accomplishments you made when once you could stand and fight. And when you know all those years were wasted, you will hide when it comes. When you know all those years were no waste, you wouldn’t hide when it comes for you … you will acquiesce to death’s silent call when it comes for you one cold winter night … when it lays its bony fingers on your pale skin and your skin starts crumbling into the dust of the ground, you will smile because you know your winter is dead… you will smile because you will know you are going to a place where the sun shines everlasting!

Look up at the skies, the clouds are gathering; feel the wind, it’s getting colder; watch the sun, it fades slowly…

Winter is coming…



Writer: Samuel Owusu Achiaw, threesixtyGh

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