10 Inspirational Quotes To Live By From Team 360Gh

We are sure many of you have a section on your iPads dedicated to inspirational quotes. Oh! you don’t? Really? Well we do and we want to share some with you. Occasionally, the going gets tough and we all need a little pick-me-up so here you go. You can thank us later:

  • Today’s forecast: 100% hopeful with a 0% chance of doubt!! #Believe
  • Not everything is going to work in your favor but that doesn’t mean give up. It just means keep working hard to find the things that are meant for you. #ItIsCalledDestiny
  • Taking “NO” for an answer is like admitting you are not worthy of a “YES”. You are very worthy of that and much more. #YesYouCan
  • PUSH!! Or you can just give up but why would you want to?? You’re way too close! #DontQuit
  • There is no joy than the joy of absolute freedom! The freedom to create and move about as you please… The freedom to set your own boundaries and push beyond your own limits. Yeah, that kind of pure joy. #Winning
  • We don’t have it all, we don’t want it all, and we certainly don’t need it all. We just want what is for us. #OnlyWantWhatsForUs
  • The best thing you can do in life…. Is to live it precisely the way you want!! #JudgementFreeZone
  • In life, NO one wants to see you succeed more thank YOU so do yourself a favor and make YOU proud!!! #BeYourOwnSuperhero
  • Your situation is not the destination, it’s the roadmap! #YouWillFindYourWay
  • Knowing your value, allows you to say no to the things you don’t value. #ValueYourself


Author: threesixtyGh writers club


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