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The philosophy behind this Art4Change  project is generally inquiry-based and focuses on an exploration of the creative process of Ghanaian children. Our concept goes to drive their imagination and curiosity, with a belief that the didactic Ghanaian tradition from which this concept evolves, will end up developing an educative and productively creative encounter essential for the mental and artistic growth of the children outside the classroom in the end.

The concept fuses the intricate graphics particularly from Kente (a type of silk and cotton fabric made of hand-interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan) and Adinkra symbols (visual symbols, originally created by the Akan that represent concepts or aphorisms) and adds poetry in a form of a mural. Participants will receive handouts explaining the concept and ideologies infused, also describing techniques and recommendations for realization of the work.

The workshop proceeds in three sessions in which we: present the concept and explain the process; practice the concept; and realize the work as well as appreciate it. Ideas from the students will be tapped and the poem created via what they understand from the creative process and concept.
Intended class size:
Class size will be limited to keep instructor to student ratios low.

Art 4 Change 1

Two target groups:
Children’s Workshop group (grade 4-6) – 15 students
Groom the Teens group (JHS 1-3) – 20 students

Platform is open particularly to students interested in the arts (design, drawing, painting, graffiti, fashion, poetry, and literature) but also to those who are passionate to learn, interact and create.

 Presenter’s Biographies:
Kwame Aidoo:

Poet/word artist, strategic multidisciplinary art event manager/curator, freelance writer, blogger and content creator are some of the few things one kWAME aIDOOcould associate Kwame with. His word art has earned him several online publications, a nomination for International Best Amateur Poet in 2003 and an award from the Scrabble Association of Ghana. He was long-listed for Golden Baobab’s Children’s Literature Awards 2014 and guest-lectured on storytelling at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.
Born on the 25th of October, 1986, Kwame Aidoo earned a BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in 2009. He was a co-ordinator of Ehalakasa; one of Ghana’s foremost poetry movements for two years before moving on to run Inkfluent; a poetry/writing workshop facilitator, art events curator and record label which he founded in 2012.
Kwame was the slam poetry tutor at the Jacque Prevert (French School) at East Legon for Printemps des Poetes this year. In partnership with National Theatre, he recently organized Teen Slam Competitions in two sectors: Tema and Accra and a finale  on World Poetry Day (21st March) bringing together over 10 senior high schools (about 800 students).

Mutombo Da Poet:

He is a spoken word artist based in Ghana. His first public appearance was at the Lyricist Lounge in Accra, a performance which started him on the spoken word journey. He defied the status quo and helped resurrect the spoken word genre in Ghana, emerging as one of the best poets to come out of the country.

Mutombo was the first poet to appear on the reality TV Show Mentor as a guest performer, he was the winner of the firstEhalakasa Slam, organized in 2009 at Alliance Française and was a resident poet at BLESS DA MIC.

He’s the only poet to be signed to a record label in Ghana – Pidgen Music Label – the same label that has other greats likeWanlov, M3nsa, King Ayisoba and Yaa Pono signed to it.

His first single, Sweet Memories, received massive airplay when it was released in late 2011 and is easily one of the spoken word tracks that coaxed Ghanaians into appreciating the art more. 1n 2012 he released a spoken word album dubbed “Photosentences” under the Pidgen Music Record Label, which received a massive response and enjoyed great success. He’s the first poet to release a spoken word video in Ghana.

Mutombo Da Poet has performed at over a 300 shows and shared his art and perspectives in over a 300 locations with enthralled audiences. From big stages like the country’s biggest halls and auditoriums to classrooms and lecture halls. He has also had several radio and TV appearances and many of his works addresses social and political issues as well as human relations and emotions.

Mutombo makes time to perform at several non-profit organizations and events that serve as a support system for people and children. In 2012 and 2013 he worked with Akosia, a charity organization that brings creative projects designed to educate and equip street and working children with new skills. He also toured the United States in February 2015.

He’s an excellent photographer who pays particular attention to detail, a blogger who blogs passionately about social, environmental and political issues at and usually hosts events in his spare time.


(1) Each participant receives a copy of detailed handouts to be used during the lecture and creative sessions of the workshop,
(2) Acrylic paint, graffiti spray, nose masks (use will be keenly monitored by instructors)
(3) Plywood boards (3 X 10 metres)
(4) Foam cardboards and cutters
(5) Flipchart with felt pens or blackboard with chalk for lecture session
(6) A4 sheets and crayons for the students for the lecture session
Space and Enrollment restrictions:
Enrollment will be limited to at most 35 students, so that presenters will have enough time and dialogue/interactive access with each participant for effective actualization of concept.
Lesson Goals:
To help the student artists stay focused and manage time so that the experience is productive.
To instill in the kids a willingness and passion to create or invent
To drive the knowledge of traditional Ghanaian symbols derived from Kente and Adinkra from the Ashanti to make the student artists realize the immense relevant culture coming from our motherland
By using their hands and minds outside the classroom, they experience a relaxed way of learning and the effectiveness of collaborating for a united vision.

ARt For Change 3
Other critical information:
Previous versions of this workshop have been presented locally at the last Chale Wote Festival in Jamestown where about 20,000 observers appreciated the art involving graffiti and painting of a mural that was inspired by Adinkra symbols and poetry reflecting on the past in connection with our contemporary lifestyles as Ghanaians. This was curated by the Adinkra Project Team directed by Kwame Aidoo

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