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Do you have what it takes to be successful in a start-up?


A study published by INSEAD’s Emerging Markets Institute, Universum, and the HEAD Foundation has recently showed that 40 percent of millennials claimed that becoming a leader was very important to them.

It therefore comes as no surprise that more and more young professionals are looking to create their own company or turning to start-ups for job opportunities. Start-ups are always on the lookout for new talents and offer great opportunities to start or boost a career, as long as you demonstrate the skills and qualities most start-ups look for in a candidate.

Start-ups are looking to hire a wide range of profiles. They focus more on a candidate’s personality and less on details in their CV. Since they are evolving in a fast-paced environment, a candidate’s education rapidly becomes obsolete. This is especially true for IT.


“We at Lamudi do not focus only on a developer’s education, and many of our team members have been self-taught. However, for other positions such as in business development, many start-ups in Berlin only tap into the top 10 percent of graduates from the most prominent business schools in the world, who also usually have got previous experience in consulting or investment banking,” says Miriam Wagner, Human Resources Manager at Lamudi, an international real estate start-up.

“We always recruit people with hands-on mentalities, who are highly motivated to join the company and like to work independently. Having worked in other start-ups will be a plus to show that you can be autonomous and proactive.”

Job hunting in Ghan1426772297721a can be frustrating for most individuals looking for their first job. Many employers attribute this to the inability of job seekers to match their skills with relevant jobs.

Akua Nyame-Mensah, Managing Director of Lamudi Ghana, emphasized the need for tertiary students to gain experience through internships. She advised students to pursue programs that are relevant for the job market and partake in extracurricular activities to enhance their soft skills.

“Students should seek hands-on experience in the job market before graduating from school. The advantage is that you would have acquired more knowledge and this places you in good stead for your future career.

“It is also important to research about the industry to find out which jobs are in demand. This will inform your decision into pursuing programs relevant to your chosen industry. For me as an employer in a start-up company, I look out for individuals that are knowledgeable. Excelling in your studies is great, but you have to also work on your soft skills,” she said.

The future looks bright for young graduates who are looking for their first job in start-ups, which are constantly hiring and invest a lot in training their employees to keep them in the long run. It is a great opportunity for young grad633x356uates from all over the world who want to do an internship that would evolve in a long-term contract. Since speaking German is usually not a requirement, many foreigners can easily find employment in Berlin, as long as they are fluent in English. Most sought-after profiles are native English, French, Spanish and Arabic speakers.

Applicants who keep their CVs concise and to the point, explaining briefly what their tasks were during previous work experience, and who display their drive to make things happen in a fast-paced environment have thus great chances to be hired by a start-up.

Written by: Fidel Owusu Amoah | Content Manager- Lamudi Ghana 

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