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iSel Media Gh is a member of the iSel Ghana Group; a group of companies that look at breaking limits in emerging markets.

iSel Media Gh is a company that focuses on corporate branding and advertisements through events and brand activations. They market companies, organize events and also advertise on social media. Their advertisement modules extend to still publicity which involves the use of posters, banners and flyers. Their social media advertisement, however, makes use of platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat and bulk sms. iSel Media Gh believes in an advertisement that targets not just the people but the minds of the people.

iSel is a company owned and runned by a young and hardworking student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology- Felix Oppong Amoako.

indexjjnjAccording to Felix the company was established when he had to write a proposal to Leila Djansi’s management to premiere one of their movies on KNUST campus. He had to write the proposal in the name of an existing company. He actually didn’t feel good using someone else’s brand, so he quickly established this media house. His focus in the beginning was to get into movie premiere business which led to the establishment of iSell.

The proposal he sent to get the movie premiered did not go through but he started working with senior colleagues who were already into events and media on campus. He learnt a lot from them, within a month. He decided to turn iSel Media Gh from a name in a proposal document to a real events house.

His passion to move iSell from dream to reality was so strong that he began using very simple tools to create the company’s logo. He started telling friends about it making a lot of noise with it such that his friends began to call him iSel, which has come to stay. Around February a friend organized an event and made iSel Media Gh a media partner. That was their first event; Vagina Dialogues. It flopped because the concept wasn’t really bought on the campus. It was a big blow for an up and coming company but he had to move on.

He created social media accounts and started working on the brand image. He knew little about instagram and twitter but he still had hope that one day, he would master in it. His involvement in two events; a stage play and a movie took iSel Media Gh to another level. He knew iSell will sell out one day.

iSel Media Gh has thus been running from February, 2014.  It’s been a very tough journey amidst surprises and losses at events. In all, my risk taking nature keeps me moving. I love to take risks once death won’t be the worst consequence. The biggest risk I took was when I invested my school fees in an event and registration was in some few days he shared some fond experience with us.

I’m inspired by my targets. I’ve learnt to set targets in life and that’s what inspires me most. Thoughts about how life will be when my targets are met keep me going.  My greatest achievement, for me, is not something I’ve done with my company but just the fact that iSel Media Gh exists is one thing that always gets me happy; my achievement, Felix oppong Amoako continued.

iSell since its established has organized or partnered in a lot of events. Few of them are ; Vagina Dialogues, Single Married & Complicated, Lucifer’s Crucible, Happy Death Day, Repuholic Party, Alter Ego Party, DKB Live, Loud Concert, Black Friday Party and a lot more….

When quizzed on what tertiary students should expect from iSell he said “the tertiary student community should watch out for the #iSelRepYourSchoolJam in 2016”.

He also owns an auto dealership company which majors in car imports and sales, iSel Ghana Electronics which also deals in sales of smart phones and gadgets. Very soon they will be merging all their buying and selling businesses into a new brand; BuyMe Gh.    is also the Founder & President of I.C.E Learning Arena and Clubs; an open university that teaches investment, career and entrepreneurship skills ( skills that can’t be learnt in the classroom).

Felix said that iSel Media Gh will continue to be in business whether or not there’s money for investment. They have structured their operational trends in such a way that seems to be feasible in the absence of money. Because we make money without having to invest. Contracts come in and we get paid without investing.  His greatest challenge has been finding the right people to work with. He met a lot of people who want to work with iSel Media Gh. It’s however sad to know that most of these people come for their personal interests only he added.

Sharing his final statements Felix Oppong Amoako said “Ghana is for us all, iSel Media Gh seeks to bring the right markets to the doorsteps of companies. We want to exhibit to the world, that the Ghana that many of us have lost hope in, will one day rise to the topmost level”.

Author: Kwesi Otoo, Writer threesixtyGh




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