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To Return or Not to Return- The ‘Returnee Diaries Gh’ Initiative


Ghana, U.S., UK

threesixtyGh,, ChaleKasa, and Ahaspora Young Professionals


The ‘Returnee Diaries Gh’ Initiative

Are you a returnee? Are you contemplating returning home to your roots? Or are you just curious about development and how you can get involved from abroad? If you answered YES to either one of these questions then ‘Returnee Diaries Gh’ is a platform to join.

As returnees, we get asked all kinds of questions regarding the returnee experience. Questions that you may not always be able to answer because it is not your area of expertise or because you simply may not have the time or simply that you are buckled down getting used to the change in environment.

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Returnee Diaries Gh is an open forum Facebook group for returnees, Diasporans, and friends of Ghana. Essentially, everyone looking for inspiration to make the scary decision to relocate back home. It is also a page for everyone interested in knowing more about the returnee experience. The platform will be used to keep us connected and serve as a motivation for those who are struggling with the decision to stay or leave the Continent.

“We plan to keep it real as far as our struggles, work-life balance, relationships, triumphs, etc. It is also a platform for us to engage with people looking to return and hopefully encourage those looking to leave Ghana to stay a bit longer. ‘ – Rita Kusi, MD of threesixtyGh

The project was initiated by threesixtyGh,, ChaleKasa, and Ahaspora Young Professionals. While the Facebook group is opened to the general public, it is subject to rules and guidelines to ensure an effective platform.

On Wednesday, May 25th, Returnee Diaries Gh kicked off a social media campaign with some change agents and experts in their respective fields. The campaign featured:

Social Media Poster

Vickie Remoe, Marketing Communications & Social Media expert

‘My returnee experience is constantly evolving. This is my second tour at the Returnee Life; the first was in Sierra Leone from 2007-2011. So you can say I’m a seasoned Returnee. This photo best describes my returnee experience because it shows how I balance my professional and personal life.’

Social Media Poster

Melissa Mensah, Lawyer, and Founder of AccraPremium

‘My returnee experience is discovering my true calling as a Food & Wine Events Curator who practices Law on the side.’

Social Media Poster

Genevieve Puni, HR expert and Managing Director at RecTrain Limited

‘My experience was amazing, especially where in the UK you would have to travel about 3 hours before you can set your eyes on beach sand etc. This is me in Ghana where I get access to all that easily, amazing family time bond, good food, drinks and atmosphere. Definitely home away from home.’

Be prepared to ignite your curiosity, inspire action, and have your questions answered on Monday, May 30th when the Returnee Diaries Gh Facebook group goes LIVE and becomes available to the general public.

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