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If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, an innovative idea is not the only thing you will need to get a business started and running. Experts say you may have an idea or the perfect talents to build a business, but if some traits are not inherent in your personality, your innovative idea is likely to fail. Lets take time to look at some traits needed to start a business.

PersonalityYou must have lots of Energy: We all have energy to get around our normal daily activities but to start a business you will need a certain amount of energy to get started and thrive. This is crucial at the beginning stages of every business. Sleeping hours may be cut short, a few meals might be missed and there will be lots of moving up and down your city. With that being said, your body must have the ability to retain a level of energy so you do not break down.

personality-traitsYou must be a Communicator. Sometimes business ideas have to be pitched to investors for funding. You must be able to communicate clearly and with confidence in these situations. Even when you need no funding, your products or services must be sold and you have to talk to someone about them. There is no one on your team who will be able to sell your business like you because it was conceived by you. If you cannot properly communicate information for lack of confidence, you must boost your confidence level or the inability to speak the English language, you must is the universal language after all.

laughing-peopleYou must be Persuasive. It is not enough for you to be just a communicator, you must also be persuasive. You must be able to convince, an investor, a client or even a team member. you must be able to sell your dream so well that others begin to believe in it as much as you some rare occasions even more than you do, so that when you are about to give up, they will push you on.

You must be Resourceful. There is the need for an entrepreneur to have the ability to manage resources available and not mismanage it or worse, waste it. Imagine GHS2000.00 is all you have to start a lending is wise for you to begin in your house and in your little will be unwise to purchase an office desk for the front of someone’s shop all in the name of looking professional. This is wasting resources.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJQAAAAJDdiMWY3NTQzLTM5NjMtNDU2Ni1iM2M5LTU3ZjZiZDAxYzY0YgYou must have a winning attitude. No one goes into a battle with their head bowed down and their shoulders hanging low. Entrepreneurship is war. An entrepreneur’s mind must be optimistic and have the ability to see even the good in the worst situation otherwise, negativity will touch the mind and it won’t be long before it touches the business.

climbing-the-rocky-mountain-at-sunset-1024x1280You must never give up. We cannot even begin to imagine the world today if Einstein ever gave up after all those failed attempts. Dumsor will still be around but on a much larger no matter how many times you fail or hit a dead end in any part of the business, such as funding, never ever stop trying. There will be times, you will feel like giving up but when you feel that way it is important not to give up because you might just be on the threshold of your breakthrough.

a783d537-0d05-4a24-8545-4742dcc232f1Others are; you must be able to thrive in Uncertainty, You must be opportunistic, you must be a Thinker. Not everyone will have all ten of these however, some of these traits are crucial and key if a business will survive; such as good communication skills, be a thinker, be resourceful, and have a winning attitude. You must have them! So if for any reason you don’t but may have a winning and a brilliant idea and a business plan, you might have to take time and develop these, then you can begin. Remember, there is no rush and if there is, you would have your head screwed on right with some winning attitude to totally conquer.

Author: Sally Bagson, Writer threesixtyGh


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