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LETI GAMES – Ghana’s Video Gaming Powerhouse



Leti Games is one of the startups to come out of the MEST program in Ghana, which is turning African folklore into mobile entertainment by building cross-platform experiences on mobile devices.

The company’s objective is to start up a true African game company whose games will be appealing to everyone, with African expertise and leadership to compete globally. The company’s focus is developing fun, addictive, challenging and multi-player mobile games.

The multi-player aspect generally involves players collaborating to solve puzzles and tasks. Collaboration is done via the internet through GPRS/Edge/3G enabled phones. Leti Arts (formerly Leti Games’) games strive to support most mobile devices and platforms with programming capability. They include Java, Symbian, iPhone and BlackBerry. Leti Arts produces cross platform games with natural and new themes that can be accessed by any smartphone user.

Leti Games

The core value proposition is to bring nature, traditional African settings, tourist sites, in exciting arcade and strategy games on the mobile phone and browser so gamers can have fun with them wherever they find themselves. The games are for both casual and serious mobile gamers from all regions of the world from age 6 and above.

The company currently have two complete games. One already published on the Apple AppStore titled iWarrior and another MMO to be published soon.

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