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How High Can You Fly With Aero Shutter

We have seen superman fly over Skycrapers in movies but a local startups in Accra, Ghana seems to be flying higher with the aid of drones.’

 Years ago, the U.S military were known to be active users of drones – for reconnaissance activities to help clamp down its enemies territories.

Fast forward to 2015, drones is gradually carving its niche in the tech world. Although it is not a VR/AR (virtual reality or augmented reality) device, this gizmo optimized purposely for monitoring skylines and doing complex tasks which is impossible to be accomplished by Humans is becoming a ‘third party’ tool or device for companies or firms involved in tedious projects like large-scale construction.

Aero Shutter 2However, in Ghana, the story is totally different. A local startup known as @AeroShutter seems to be taking aerial images to the next level – a revolution of aerial shots impossible to digital photographer. They  take delight in taking pics from a higher perspective, whatever it is; events, weddings, real estate, surveys etc.

Just about two years in existence, Aero Shutter is gradually drawing the attention of corporate bodies, firms and other stakeholders interested in employing alluring images to drive more leads or traffic to its webpage.

Aero Shutter is a local startup made up of young Ghanaians determined to commercialize the use of drones in our localities. Also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) a drone is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.It is usually controlled by a pilot on the ground.

The following show aerial pictures of suburbs in Accra captured by Aero’s drones.

Aero Shutter 4    Aero Shutter

Aero Shutter 3Using drones to capture captivating aerial videography and photography to boost your business. Follow Aero Shutter @AeroShutter for more impressive aerial shots.

Author :Michael Aboagye: Content Strategist, Content Creator, Ux Designer,Ui Designer, Information Designer,Copywriter, Landing page Designer, Product Analyst,*Aspiring Product Designer.

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