Ghana In A Box – Your APP of all APPS ?

Shantel Odidi is the developer of an app in Ghana called, Ghana in a box. Ghana in a box is an all in one mobile app, instead of having several apps installed in your phone ,you can save your phone battery life by installing the Ghana in the box mobile application that contains every other feature you might need and lots more. Some of these features include, Tourist site in Ghana, newspapers, movies, onine tv stations ,radio, emergency lines, dictionary, bible, quran, jobs, recipes, hotels, a torch, scientific calculator, video and sound recorder, scanner, note pad, weather widget etc. and you can also list your business for FREE.  Full details of the features of the app below
1. v: It contains a “Report a Crime page” where Residence of Ghana can report a crime straight to the respective authorities by few clicks of the button,Also an Emergency page with emergency details and instant call numbers.
2. EDUCATION: Under education, there is a scientific calculator in the app,a standard dictionary, a study guide that assist students with free academic learning videos,tutorials and resources,list of Universities in Ghana.
3. HEALTH: there is a page called “doctors help” in this application, here patients can communicate with doctors in real time,there is  also a first aid information guide to assist people in cases of emergencies and list of pharmacies and hospitals in Ghana.
4.ENTERTAINMENT: we have a page called “movies” people can watch all Ghana movies directly from our application,also the “Music” page where people can listen to latest music, we also have the TVstation page,
5. GADGETS: We have some beautiful gadgets in this application namely, A camera,video recorder, GPS, Torch, Scanner, Note pad,Audio recorder, Weather widget.

apps multicolor symbol for web design

6.RELIGION: In this app we have a bible, Quran, a data base of all churches in Ghana, Also a data base of all Mosque in Ghana.
7. TOURISM: This app contains a list and direction  of tourist attractions in Ghana,Ghana Recipes,Hotels in Ghana,Taxis in Ghana.
8. INFORMATION: Regions in Ghana, About the Presidency,Jobs in Ghana, Ghana Constitution,Ghana Stocks.
9. BUSINESS: People can list their business under the business page for free!

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