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Almost every country has got her own fair share of issues to handle. Ghana’s basic issue facing the country at the moment (among other many issues upon issues) and has been around for years is the inconsistent, uncontrolled and irregular electricity power cuts. It just never goes away, you rather acclimatize!

What if there’s a website everyone could log the number of hours there’s power cut in their area everyday in Ghana?

Dumsor4How many hours are the power actually cut everyday in your area? In other parts of your city? Your region? or nationwide? Maybe the figures might reveal some insights into where the power cut hits most, where it happens frequently, how many hours (translated into days) power goes off, and most importantly, how much is lost on an hourly basis as a whole country?

Again! What if there’s a website everyone could log the number of hours there’s power cut in their area everyday in Ghana?

Dumsor3  logECG is a crowd-sourcing logging system for Ghanaians to report how many hours they experience power cuts everyday. By tallying data submitted by our trusted Power Contributor from different towns and regions around the country, estimating loss to the nation every second of each power cut can be more understanding and perhaps, tangible. The idea is to provide data enough for interested analysts, reporters and or developers to take advantage of, in extrapolating the side-effects and the damage being caused now (if any), and what Ghana can expect in years ahead.

Dumsor2logECG is in no way to shine light on Ghana’s power crisis as the end results. The ultimate goal is to put the issue in terms of cost analysis, for interested stakeholders to ‘appreciate’ the scale to which lack of action is reducing productivity across all fields of profession in the country.

Become a power contributor today!

The app is currently in strict invitation-only mode and will remain so for some time.
You can preview the app currently online at
If you wish to currently request invite so you get your signup access when it launches on Saturday, please email:


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