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What does it mean to be Creative? The textbooks definition of creative states “the use of skills and imagination to produce something new or a work of art”. But we believe creativity to be bigger than this notion. Every child born into this world has some amount of creativity within him or her. The development of our creative potentials as a people will improve how we tackle challenges in our society. There is no better time to start the incubation process of our creativity then at a tender age. The main institution entrusted with the responsibility of developing our creativity has been our schools. But it seems, in most cases, the school is the place where creativity has gone to die. The rote nature of our educational system has created a lot of students with half-baked creativity skills.

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Lily Kudro once upon a time read an article in the China Africa Report about how “the clash between modernization and traditions has affected the creative thinking of African children”. As a passionate social entrepreneur who shares the dream that young people can help redesign their communities and in the process chart a new path for themselves, Lily decided to start the Devio Art Center a social enterprise initiative that uses creative and digital art as a catalyst, to stimulate constructive learning and creative thinking in Ghanaian children. The center, which is currently operational in the Greater Accra Region, draws children from various communities, relying on relevant programs and technologies they are taught how to build their creative lives based on emerging trends.

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Devio Art center was the first organization to have instituted a national annual children art festival, which engages children in hands-on creative and digital arts training. Since its inception in 2014, more than 1700 children have benefited from their programs and have also received some levels of resources to aid in developing their creative potentials. Devio Arts has within its strategic plans a dream to refurbish a bus equipped with the necessary creative and digital art resources to serve deprived communities. Plans are also far advanced to establish the “The Association of Creative Art Teachers in Ghana”. This will be an association of creative arts teachers who will aid Devio Arts in advancing their mission and vision.

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In partnership with Afrochic Limited a clothing store that seeks to symbolize the Ghanaian Fashion culture. Devio Arts developed their first bead called “Ntontan” which represents wisdom and reflects Africa creatively. The beads are available online and can be purchased in all Afrochic stores across the country. Devio Arts has also partnered with organizations like Alliance Francaise and emerged as the winner of the Start up Cup competition in 2014. This creative hub is a great initiative, be sure to visit their websites for latest updates on their activities.

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