There is more humour on the streets than you think of. On a completely boring day, you will probably think of watching a movie, reading a book, or calling a friend to catch up on a dying conversation. For those with the knack to party hard, you yearn to see that new “joint” in town or to ‘chill’ at your favourite hideout with your buddies as your best options. But there is a virgin option which you haven’t explored and I waste no time to suggest that to you: take a walk through any street in Accra or better still through an old, busy town such as La. This will not only refresh your physical body but give you a more rejuvenating humour treatment in the form of funny signposts and the public transport trademark– rear windscreen inscriptions. These come in many forms: extremely funny, funny, motivational, annoying. While the signposts are mainlyHumour4 to advertise products and shops, rear windscreen inscriptions are usually skewed towards religious views and statements. Observers may find many of them quite inspiring, reminding them of a sermon or teaching from their religious leader, or a traditional proverb.

You will also find some that get you thinking whether you have gotten your grammar all wrong or whether you just do not know. Sometimes, one needs a couple of minutes to find the true meaHumour5ning of the message the sign is supposed to convey. On the positive side, who knows whether the designers of such spirit-uplifting art pieces create them just to incite smiles on people’s faces, or if they are successful to tickle you into a good laugh?

While others will suggest immediate correction of the mistakes on these mediums probably because they feel they tarnish Ghana’s image, I would rather they stay as they are. They add an interesting twist to Ghanaian popular culture. Not everyone gets to run away from their troubles at home into some happiness on the streets.


Who knows, one day, a new genre of artwork called ‘humart’ or ‘artmour’ will take over the art world? Currently, there are many personal and academic views from everyday observers as well as people conducting studies on this phenomenon looking to find the effects of, and reasons behind this spectacle. If we give much less thought to the ‘English’ side of them, we will find they are as good as any joke from a funny comedian, if not better.

Look out for them on a street near you! If you are lucky, you will find some epic ones.


Author : Joy Blebu, Writer threesixtyGh

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