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This week, Lamudi Ghana would like to take you to the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Kumasi to be more precise which is also known as Oseikrom or the Garden City because of its lush vegetation cover which provides the town a cooler climate.  Kumasi is approximately 250 kilometres from Accra and it is noted its rich culture and traditions.



Compared to Accra, properties in Kumasi are more affordable which makes a good spot for to look for accomodation.  For example, a two bedroom house with two washrooms, a kitchen and a sitting room in Abuakwa, a surburb in Kumasi can cost about 150 cedis per month.  It is also important to observe that residents of Kumasi prefer to build and live in their own properties accounting for the smaller number of estate developments in Kumasi.


Good transport lines is one of the single most important factors people look out for before renting a room in a neighbourhood.  The transport line which links Kejetia in the city centre to other parts of the Kumasi. The new Sofoline Interchange has also aided in decreasing traffic tremendously.



There are several tertiary institutions in Kumasi, prominent among them are the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, College of Education, Winneba which has a campus in Kumasi and the Kumasi Polytechnic. They offer several regular and advanced courses for interested individuals.


The Ashanti region is known to produce some of the food items consumed in the country. Some food crops that are produced in the Ashanti Region include yams, plantain, cassava, palm nut and other vegetables.

kUMASI6Apart from food crops that are produced in the Ashanti Region, Kente is also weaved in Bonwire. Kente is a colourful fabric which is hand-woven using cloth strips. History also has it that Kente has its origin from the Ashanti Region. Also, there is a vibrant local shoe industry in Kumasi, which produces all kinds of footwear for both males and females.

Similar to Accra Central, Adum is the business centre of Kumasi where most government agencies and other offices are found. Businesses located in Adum include Japan Motors, Cocobod and the British Council.


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Health service provision is also crucial to every city; Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is the second largest hospital in Ghana which receives referrals and treats diseases from other parts of the country, especially from the North. There are private facilities that treat various diseases in Kumasi.


People in Kumasi have a passion for football, thus their love for the team, Ashanti Kotoko. Apart from this, there is also the love that they have for pounded cassava popularly known as “fufu,” which is served with soup in most restaurants, especially during the weekends.

Have you been to Kumasi? What were your experiences? Share them with us.

Author: Delali Kumapley, Content Creator Lamudi Ghana.


  • Whoever wrote this narrative of Kumasi is a very lazy writer. For example, the writer just mentioned only three institutions (KNUST, K Ploy, and a UEW campus) while there are dozens of tertiary institutions in Kumasi now. University of Education Winneba has more than one campus (Tanoso and the old WESCO).

    • Thanks for the clarification, we are more than open to learn more about our regions hence the attempt to write about them and do more research to provide more information with time. However, doesn’t uew having many branches still make it uew? if icgc has three branches in your area isn’t it just the icgc church?

    • Interesting. Anyway, I think maybe he had limited time so he picked only the top institutions in Kumasi. So if you don’t see your favourite, just ask him to add it. By then I think he has done quite well.

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