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Spotlight on Abelemkpe

Abelemkpe is one of Accra’s most sought after neighborhoods, home to both residents and commercial entities. Abelemkpe is a plush suburb located in the eastern part of Accra. The suburb derives its name from the local language, Ga and wits ‘chewing maize’. Most parts of Abelemkpe has been developed, with the road network within the suburb tarred to meet modern standards. The routes leading out of Abelemkpe connect to other suburbs such as Dimples, Dzorwulu, Achimota, Lapaz and Tesano. It also has a route connecting to the N1 Highway, about five minutes drive from the Accra Mall.


In the past, Abelemkpe was home to the lower middle income earners and some mid to upper income earners. Today however, the face of the neighborhood has changed, with a larger majority of inhabitants belonging to the upper middle class. Most houses in Abelemkpe are modern in nature, with a few number of apartments and storey buildings projecting into the skyline of the neighborhood.

Formerly a largely residential area, Abelemkpe is now seeing the rise of business entities buying houses and transforming them into commercial properties. Thus the neighborhood has become renowned for its residential-commercial characteristic. Looking for tasty grilled chicken to satisfy your insatiable hunger? Look no further, as Abelemkpe features the likes of Mawarko, New York Grill, Barcelos, just to mention a few.


Abelemkpe also has a number of pubs to entertain customers and guests to the neighborhood. The most high profile of them being Velvet, a pub that offers visitors a variety of drinks, with reggae music usually serenading the air. Village Inn is one of the neighborhood’s oldest leisure centers and even though it has lost some of its lustre, the once prime entertainment center is still a wonderful place to hang out with family and friends.

Like other suburbs in Accra, Abelemkpe attracts some pockets of burglary. However, this is compensated with the presence of a strong police force that erects check points to ensure the safety of inhabitants. The Tesano Police Station, which is approximately a five minutes drive away from Abelemkpe is also a source of comfort for many residents in and around Abelemkpe. To fulfill the health needs of residents, a number of facilities have been established by some private individuals. German Eagon Clinic is the neighborhood’s flagship clinic, providing services in gynecology, pediatrics, general medicine, laboratory diagnostics and midwifery. Wondering if there is a dental facility available? Elite Dental is the answer to that question, providing dental care for residents of Abelemkpe and beyond. Accra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is a well-furnished physiotherapy center catering for spinal injuries, vehicle accident injuries, surgical repairs among others.

Graduation mortar on top of books

A number of schools are available to meet the demand of parents and their wards, especially that of the mid-to-upper income bracket. Schools such as Lincoln Community School, Golden Age, Vichans and Toddlers Inn can be found within the neighborhood. These schools offer high quality education to wards.  The Santana Market was established to enable individuals interested in selling food items to the environment to do so. Consumers of such wares have also benefited from the convenience of shopping right in their vicinity instead of traveling kilometers in search of foodstuff. A number of small shops, usually an extension of residents’ houses have also been set up to satisfy inhabitants’ needs.

The hospitality sector is also rich with a number of hotels in Abelemkpe. Global Summer Hotel and Triple Crown Guest House are but a few of them, with the added benefit of good supply of electricity and water music to residents.

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