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Ghana’s First Airplane Restaurant – La Tante DC 10

Culturally, Ghanaians are brought up with the attitude of been careful when it comes to where they eat their meals, therefore, most Ghanaians are also mindful when it comes to where they buy their food. It is believed that a food is as good as its surroundings. So we are asking you where are some of the places you choose to eat? Alright, come along let us show you one of the coolest places in town to dine.


la Tante dc

La Tante DC 10 is the first airplane restaurant in Ghana located opposite Marina Mall around the Airport City Area. It is a tourists dream restaurant and a place to visit if you want to satisfy your hunger or if you want to relax whiles sipping a mineral.

Here are some historical facts about the airplane formerly known as the Ghana Airways DC 10 carrier, which was responsible for transporting Ghanaians from Ghana to Europe and U.S.A. In 2005 the country’s only Airline, Ghana Airways, went bankrupt and so the plane was impounded at London Heathrow Airport. The plane was later returned to the state and the government in partnership with Vindira Company Limited decide to convert the defunct airplane into a state of the art restaurant located somewhere in the capital. Known as Green Plane by the numerous people who have visited or set eyes on the La Tante DC 10 restaurant, the restaurant gives customers value for money and a reason to return.

La Tante in pictures

Originally designed to accommodate 380 people, the plane turned restaurant, now caters for 118 after some of the seats were removed to pave way for dining tables. Customers at the restaurant will not only enjoy quality food but will also get the rare opportunity of nursing their fantasy to sit in an airplane. Since La Tante DC 10 is an airplane turned restaurant, customers are served by waitresses dressed as air hostesses. The restaurant has been fully air-conditioned with first class washrooms for both genders.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome on board La Tante DC 10 restaurant, threesixtyGh is your pilot for today so sit back relax and enjoy some local or international foods such as tilapia, spicy fish dish, jollof rice and more. Just hold tight for one of our wonderful air hostesses to attend your needs. In the meantime, click here for more information about La Tante DC-10 before take off. Enjoy the ride!


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