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A Lakeside Affair 2015 ‘The Aftermath’

 At last, the event intended to foster new relationships has come and gone. On Friday, 11th December, threesixtyGh held its maiden ‘A Lakeside Affair’ weekend getaway at the stunning Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana’s largest natural lake located in the Ashanti region.


Upon their arrival at the Accra mall, event hosts, Dziffa and Erica, greeted guests. They were then seated in a male to female style seating arrangement and were served mimosas and snacks, compliments of Sai Wine & Champagne Café and Peini. As the bus cruised from Accra to Kumasi, everyone got to know one another and even shared a few laughs. George, the driver, made a few stops along the way for people to connect with locals and vendors alongside the Kumasi road. Once the bus arrived at Wildwin Resort, folks were escorted to their rooms and chalets at Lakepoint to settle in before the official meet and greet.

Sammy and his "speedboat" before the cruise.

Sammy and his “speedboat” before the cruise.

Day one was a bit light due to the four hour-long journey. Before lunch was served, guests participated in two rounds of icebreakers with everyone moving about and learning more about one another. The staff at Wildwin Resort served up club sandwiches and fried rice for lunch immediately after. It was a pleasant surprise when Sammy dropped by to take us on his “speedboat” for a one-hour cruise on the lake. This was probably one of the best moments on the trip.

Kofi, the 13-year-old boy tells us the captivating history of Lake Bosomtwe.

Kofi, the 13-year-old boy, tells us the captivating history of Lake Bosomtwe.

Once the boat docked, we received a history lesson from Kofi, a 13-year-old resident of one of the neighboring towns. The day seemed to whiz on by with every activity.

We wrapped day one with a blindfold speed dating and a huge bonfire at the lakefront. By the end of day one, guests had gotten to know one another and had formed natural connections. The tough part was now over.

Day two was jam packed with activities. At 7 am, a representative from Sahara Yoga was on sight to give attendees an experience of a lifetime. This was no ordinary yoga with intricate movements. It was more of a meditation style yoga.

Abena, the horse ranch owner, welcomes us.

Abena, the horse ranch owner, welcomes us.

Immediately after the session, breakfast was served and those who expressed an interest in horseback riding were rushed over to the Green Ranch for an hour-long lesson. The owner of the horse ranch, Abena, and her team were quite welcoming once we arrived. The group could not stop gushing about the innovative architecture on the ranch and the scenic view that came with riding alongside the lake.

With no time to rest, the group was rushed back to Wildwin Resort to join the others for a lesson in adinkra stamping. It was the mellow event everyone needed after the adrenaline rush we felt in the morning. Peter, our adinkra teacher, was very informative and made it a point to explain the symbols to the group before proceeding.

A lesson in adinkra stamping.

A lesson in adinkra stamping.

After the Jollof with grilled fish, fried plantains with beans, and avocado salad, we parted ways for a little rest and relaxation before the evening activities. A personal favorite was the wine tasting and dance party, which took place at the dining area of the resort. Imagine a 90’s house party minus the house. That is exactly what the experience felt like. We danced, we jumped, we soul-trained and we laughed. Oh and we ate yummy cupcakes, compliments of the Cupcake Boutique. We wrapped up the evening with a round of Cards of Humanities. Needless to say, we were all exhausted after the game and made way to our rooms to prepare for another early morning yoga session, swimming, and paddle boating.


Guests enjoy the beautiful lakeside view.

Day three, the final day at the lakeside was very mellow with everyone veering off to do his or her own thing. Some laid out at the lakefront and others played alongside and in the water. The day had come for us to leave and not everyone was happy about it. Before our departure, guests enjoyed a refreshing round of coconuts, compliments of Wildwin Resort. Shortly after, the bus ascended the hill and made its way back to our starting point. As we inched closer to Accra, we held a raffle and issued prizes to the winners. Prizes included discounted ticket vouchers compliments of Delta Air Lines and threesixtyGh T-shirts.

Overall, ‘A Lakeside Affair’ was a magical weekend experience. Love connections were made and friendships were formed. A week after the event, the attendees met up again at a BBQ. The mission of threesixtyGh was indeed accomplished. We look forward to more events that foster long lasting relationships and friendships.


Some Reviews from ‘A Lakeside Affair’ 2015

“My expectation was definitely met I really enjoyed the weekend… food was nice and the environment was clean.”

 “Pinpointing the actual moments which I really enjoy is difficult, however, I will say the whole weekend was refreshing, engaging.”

 “I don’t often do tourist attractions in Ghana. I thought it’d be fun to go to Lake Bosomtwe and experience something I hadn’t before. I’m single, but I wasn’t too concerned about meeting someone romantically. I’d be all for it if it happened but as a secondary goal to just having fun.”


 “Most definitely, my expectations were met. I was in the company of such a cool group of people. Never did I feel uncomfortable; everyone was so, so welcoming and keen to just get to know me.”

 “The people were a lot of fun to be around. Even the ones who had no intention of meeting someone participated in all of the events.”

 “I liked the games the most. It was a great way to bond and get to know people.”

 “The boat ride on the lake was my most memorable moment.”


“I had hoped for a weekend full of relaxation, reflection and fun and I got that. I really enjoyed the horse-riding and the blind speed dating.”

 “The time went by too quickly. I could have happily stayed another night.”

 “Of course, I will attend again”…  “It’ll be a sin if I didn’t… :)”




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