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A Lake Connecting Opportunities – Lake Volta

Lake Volta

Behind the Akosombo Dam, a hydroelectric dam that produces electricity to almost every household and Industry in Ghana lays Lake Volta, man-made lake covering 8,502 square Kilometers (3,283 sq. mi), which is 3.6% of Ghana’s land area. The lake was created as a result of the construction of the Akosombo dam and has an average depth of 18.8m and a maximum depth of 75m. Lake Volta is one of the huge tourist attractions in Ghana with a lot of people traveling from far and near to catch a glimpse of the third largest man – made lake in the world.

As a lake, it plays host to 114 species of fish, mainly, Tilapia hence making fishing activities on the lake very rampant, which about 32 fish markets depending on from the lake. The Volta Lake Transport Company was set up to manage the various transportations happening on the lake. With the aid of a boat or a ferry one can travel from one stretch of the lake to another for pleasure or business. Strong agricultural activities can be noticed at some part, as farmers put the lake to good use by depending on its water to feed their crops.


Lake Volta is quite popular and appreciated by Ghanaians for the diverse tourist attraction sites it offers or supplements with its tributaries. 3 miles away from the shores tourists can visit the Dodi Island for good relaxation and sightseeing. The Volta Lake also extends its tentacles to some great places in Ghana like the Royal Senchi, a hotel where luxury meets comfort. Whiles on the Volta Lake one gets a chance to look at the iconic Adomi Bridge, considered as the only suspending bridge in Ghana. The tourism potentials of Lake Volta are endless and its essence to the nation can’t be disputed.

Lake Volta is a nice tourist destination, an ideal place for fishing and farming activities and a great place to do business. threesixtyGh, therefore, encourages investors to explore the potentials the lake provides and help preserve our water bodies because water is life.

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