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Historical Sites of Our Identity (Ancestors and Caves)

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to always remain a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?” -Cicero Orator. It is evident that our ancestors have left us a lot of historical materials that begs for our attention. These historical records tell us more about who we are and how our forefathers led their lives when they lived on this very land. Historical sites are not rare places in most communities in Ghana. Every community, whether big or small, has some sort of historical sites or landmarks, which embodies some cultural facts of its inhabitants. We will take you through a historical cruise to identify some of these historical sites in Ghana, where they are located and the stories that the sites seeks to preserve in our ever changing society.

We start our journey by sending you to the Hani Archeological Sites in the Brong Ahafo Region, located 50 km from Wenchi. The site is treasured for its terracotta figures – reddish brown clay that looks like it has been baked and primitive rock inscriptions. The site is believed to have been inhabited by the Bengbos and the Hanis way back in 1200 BC. According to experts from the University of Ghana who have studied the sites, the people of Hani and Bengo emerged from holes in the ground. These sacred holes still exist together with stone age tools such as hammers, cutting blades and grinding stones.

Hani Hole

Also in the Brong Ahafo Region you will find Ancient Amowi Caves. History has it that the Bono people came out from the ground through these underground caves. The Bono Techiman Tradition teaches us that the ancestors of Bono crossed the Black Volta River after a fierce battle with the Mossi people in the North. They hid in the woods and caves of Amowi. Though the actual case of their migration from the Amowi rock shelter is not known, the Bono emerged from the Amowi caves and built their first town called “Ye firi” meaning “we are coming out”. The first centralized Akan State was therefore created and it was known as the Bono-Manso Kingdom and later as the Techiman- Bono Kingdom.

AmowiaAnother historical site of importance is the Six Ancestral Caves in Likpe Todome located in the Volta Region. The six caves all served unique purpose and played an important role in providing shelter to the ancestors. The first cave was the conference cave, the second cave was the watch tower and the third cave was the sleeping cave which is about 8-9 feet deep, a torch is needed if one wants to enter the cave. Cave four was the chief place whiles cave five served as the punishment cave, considered a prison in the 21st century. Finally the last cave is an assembly or a spying cave. These historical sites and several others are places worth visiting if you are interested in know the historical make-up of a society.

Hani 2

Share with us any historical site you have visited.

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