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Nature at its Finest – Ankasa Conversation Area

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“Ankasa’’ is an Akan word, which means don’t talk, but the beauty and splendor of the conversation area that lies in the southwestern part of Ghana in Western Region makes it difficult for us not to “kasa” meaning talk. Surprisingly enough, the conservation area is the merger of a resource reserve and a national park, which together are known as Ankasa Conversation Area. Ankasa and Nini Suhein are the two resource reserve and national park that merged respectively to form the Ankasa Conversational Area. The area stretches to about 500 square Kilometer close to the Ivory Coast border and is a true reflection of a rainforest endowed with numerous plant and animal species.

The Ankasa Conversation Area offers tourist 800 plants and 200 birds of different species and some animals like Diana Monkey, Bongo, Forest Elephant, Leopard just to mention a few. The bio-diversified nature of the area makes it a great place for tourist who want to observe nature at its greenest. As soon as one enters the area one will see five forest trails that will led the tourist straight into the forest to start exploring. Typical of an evergreen forest the tourist will find the Ankasa, Nini and Suhein rivers with the Suhein river dividing the area into two parts.

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Visit Ankasa and for the first time in your life you will attend a Cathedral that has no pastor and made of bamboo. We are referring to the Bamboo Cathedral 8km away from Ankasa, located in Nkwanta. The Bamboo Cathedral is nature’s version of the religious cathedral we go to worship. You will also be amazed by “Tieghemella”, the tallest tree in the forest, which is about 20 meters long and makes the area an awesome sight to behold.

The Ankasa Conversation Area is a refreshing place to visit if you want to explore nature. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. It is on our top list of places to visit.

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