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TedxAccra 2015 Speakers – Ruka Sanusi

Ruka Sanusi is a management consultant with a unique focus on providing consulting services in the areas of business strategy and business operations. With over 20 years of business consulting experience in over twenty countries in Africa, her career to date has been built around her abilities to both provide specialist advice on matters of business strategy and transformation; and organizing resources and facilities to implement recommendations. She has strategic and operational ability.

Out of a desire to support Africa’s female entrepreneurs and CEOs to harness their full economic potential, Ruka founded Alldens Lane in September 2012. Alldens Lane is a boutique business strategy consulting firm that provides executive and business coaching to female CEOs and entrepreneurs in Africa’s SME sector. The firm provides female CEOs and entrepreneurs with business direction, balanced support and thought provoking business performance and growth analytics, from which they can grow and transform their businesses – as well as their lives.

Why you should listen to her talk:

What does ‘The Next Chapter’ Means to you: (a) Individual (b) Company (c) Country?

The world is purposefully inclusive and our purposes are intertwined. We are all very familiar with the phrase ‘a global village’ – and my posit is that such inclusivity has ramifications for the individual, the organisation, and the nation. My growth and development as an individual is distinctly related to the growth and development of the organisation that I work in, which is also distinctly, even if incrementally, related to the growth and development of the nation that I live in. My failure, and your failure to offer the world our best and give ourselves permission to move to the next chapter of our lives, will necessarily affect the next chapter of the organisation that I work in, and the nation that I live in. Our purposes are intertwined.

Quote from Ruka:

Offer the world your best

Ruka on Social Media:


Twitter:                 @alldenslane


Instagram:          Alldenslane

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