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Everybody Hates Mondays…or Not!

Monday is the first day of the week and humans hate it to the core. The reasons for this? Countless. The main reason being that, it is the beginning of a seemingly never ending week and Monday is very far from another weekend. It is not really the day that people dislike so much but the beginning of many workloads, meetings and deadlines. It is even worst when one does not enjoy their work and finds it repetitive and mundane. They practically have to drag themselves to work.

mThe only people who look forward to Mondays are successful people. The innovators and the trailblazers. In fact they do not wait for Mondays, they make each day a Monday. And if there is one thing we all want to be, it is to be successful! But how do we get to such heights if we loath the beginning of each working week. We probably just a lazy bunch so it is fitting to also forget about being part of the successful bunch.

Luckily there are some ways to deal with Mondays. Here are a few tips. To begin perspective is important. We have to cease looking at Monday as a party killer and see her as a new beginning because that is what it really is. Monday can be another chance to correct our mistakes in the previous week, a chance to give our goals, dreams and visions another go, a chance to climb the corporate ladder or whichever ladder it is we are climbing and sometimes even another chance to fail, but this time, more intelligently. This will go a long way to improve our moods when Mondays finally come.


mon  You can also set yourself goals for each Monday. It could range from work to health to fitness to academics. If you are achieving these goals you will look forward to each new Monday to smash another goal. If otherwise, you still look forward to it in order to plan again, regroup and make headway. It’s a win-win situation.

A few others are paying attention to negative emotions and relishing positive emotions. Anticipate a positive experience. You know what they say; the world gives back to you the energy you give to the world. One of these days, something extraordinary might just happen to you just because of your positivity. Seriously, hating the day does not make it any better so we suggest you learn to love it. The emphases being on “LEARN”. However if nothing works, the last tip will be to drink more coffee. We mean gulp that thing down,plenty of it. Good luck!

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Author : Sally Bagson


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