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Adjoa Boateng , A Physician, A fighter – TedxAccra Speaker

I am the daughter of an Ashanti man from Kumasi and an American woman from New Jersey. I am curious. I am a physician. I am a fighter, I have a warrior’s spirit traversing the blood in my veins. I am survivor. I come to TED more eager to listen than to speak. I chase joy, leaving remnants of praise constantly on my lips. Though a scientist by profession, the arts tend to also occupy my heart leaving me ever searching for the inter-mingling of seemingly disparate worlds. Like how I have discovered there is music in medicine- we all move and speak and emote with a similar rhythm & cadence that transcends certain barriers. Simply put, I am a woman seeking to wed her gifts, talents and passion with her divine purpose to leave this world better than the state in which we have found it.


Why you should listen
This year’s theme of “ReThink”, led me to reflect on time recently spent working in the ICU, caring for the hospital’s sickest patients and the extraordinary level of physical and emotional pain faced y these individuals and their families. In doing so, I also examined my own life’s pains and triumphs. Therein, it became evident that although pain can be debilitating, it is also engineered to act as a warning sign. As such, we should begin to rethink pain. No longer as an ominous signal of impending harm, rather, let it serve us positively as sign to take action, redirecting the course of undesirable outcomes.

Quote from Adjoa Boateng:
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
–Maya Angelou

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