The 2015/2016 English Premier League season will go down as one of the most intriguing seasons of recent times, when a team, which was almost relegated a season before, goes on to write a modern Cinderella story.

Leadership is critical in any society. This team I speak of was one that was a relegation tussle about a year ago. The coach masterminded a 7-game winning run to take them out of relegation and into survival.

tk-1170x658A new coach comes in before the start of the new season, with the same backroom staff and players, and takes these players on a remarkable journey none of them imagined would have been possible at the end of May 2016.

Prove your doubter wrong. Claudio Ranieri’s appointment was met with skepticism but little did anyone know that, 2016 was going to be the year he wins something.

Leadership is indeed critical. Though a good leader should be one that is willing to serve his followers, he should also be a person who can motivate and push his subordinates to their limits.

Hard work reaps rewards. It takes a leader to nurture the talents of his followers and give them the belief that they can achieve their targets as a united force.


Teamwork is equally essential. Much more is achieved when you are working in a group than alone. The goal-scoring Vardy, playmaker Mahrez, and the efficient Kante together were the pillars of this team. They worked as a unit and defended in blocks while counterattacking with panache.

This team showed the world a team doesn’t really need individual players who are among the best in the world to win laurels. A team filled with average and unknown talents can make it as long as the players play together as one unit. Teamwork is essential wherever we find ourselves.

Leicester City showed us that if you work hard with passion, dreams do come true. You should love the work you do. If you follow your passion, eventually your long fetched dream will come true. This team is proof that hard work and passion still pay off.


Leicester City clearly proved that money is not the only reason that we can live a fulfilled life, but it’s also about passion, determination, and hard work.

Money can buy a Football club a stadium. Money can buy a Football club world-class players from around the world. Money can buy you all that you desire. But there is one thing money can’t buy and that’s passion.

Author: Kwesi Otoo, threesixtyGh Writer

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