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Taste the Difference – Blue Skies

Ghanaians are beginning to love and appreciate made in Ghana goods, one of such indigene products, which has become a household name is Blue Skies fruit juice. Even though Blue Skies is not a Ghanaian owned company but rather a subsidiary of Blue Skies Holding Limited in the United Kingdom, all the products used in the production of the Blue Sky fruit juice are locally produced. Working with local farmers who grow fruits like pineapple, mango, coconut, pawpaw and several other fruits, Blue Skies limited employs over 1000 workers in Ghana making the company one of the few companies with a high amount of employees.

Blue Skies Ghana Limited was established in Ghana in 1998 with a mission to export quality fruits to most markets and shops in Europe and eventually stormed the Ghanaian market with the production of fresh fruit juice. Some of their products include: freshly squeezed tropical juices such as pineapple and ginger juice and mango, and also orange and banana smoothie just to mention a few. The Blue Skies fruit juice prides itself as being a juice that contains no preservatives and additives. It offers consumers a peculiar taste and a natural feel of fruits whiles they enjoy their juice.


Blue Skies Ghana believes in making a difference in Ghana. Therefore, blue Skies in partnership with Waitrose Foundation and Albert Hejin Foundation has set up a Blue Skies Foundation to support community projects. Since coming into full force in 2010 the foundation has supported and executed numerous projects to help improve communities. Some key projects have been the establishment of three class room blocks for Debro Primary school near Nsawan, the provision of bore –holes for the people of Krabokesse and the construction of 12 seater KVIP for the people of Nsakye and 6 KVIP for the people of YawKrow in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Through their foundation Blue Skies Ghana is forming strong ties with the people of these communities and making these communities a better place.

Blue Skies Ghana limited is really making progress and paving their way in the beverage industry here in Ghana. So if you are organizing events, parties and want to experence quality fruit juice contact Blue Skies at 0244344578 or visit them at Dobro in Nsawam-Eastern Region. Visit Blue Skies to find out more.

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