Have you ever heard of the green gold with a crown?



Sesa Mu decided to reach for change in 2014, when the pair, Sam Norman Sali and Emmanuel Ampadu, struck gold in Berekuso, a town in Ghana’s Eastern Region. The beautiful Berekuso town was just giving up on her hopes of a bright agricultural future when Sesa Mu came in, and effected changes that would open a permanent page in the diaries of the dying, farming town. Pineapples were their target crop initially, as they are the most grown crops in Berekuso. Now, they work with more than just the golden pine. Apart from pineapples, Sesa Mu works with and for all other crop farmers in the area.

The Story of Change

Their change process begins with forming a cooperative group for farmers. Then, they train the farmers on the most efficient farming methods that will give them quality and plentiful yields. Their job ends (although not entirely) with creating a network between farmers and attractive, markets. Sesa Mu has done the amazing job of linking their farmers with equally wonderful groups such as:


Esoko Ghana Ltd

Nestle Ghana

Blue skies Ghana

Koranco Farms

Dalai Lama Fellows Organization-USA

Just Hope International- USA

Ashesi University College

These groups have offered assistance in diverse forms—financial and operational.

hhhhjcj Emmanuel and Sam (both students of Ashesi University College) have no regrets about the mission they began a year ago. Nothing means more to them than the hope they see in the eyes of their member farmers, and the change they are bringing to beautiful Berekuso. It is what inspires them to do more. One day, they hope Sesa Mu will go beyond the boundaries of that small town in the Eastern Region of Ghana, into the continent.

Today, they have done more than just put smiles on the faces of the farmers; they have put money in their pockets as well as given them a future to look forward to.


Author: Joy Blebu, Writer threesixtyGh

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