Accra is to be immortalised with its very own official version of MONOPOLY, it will be announced this Wednesday (25th March 2015).

The Accra Edition of MONOPOLY will be the very first edition of the board game made especially for Ghana!

Accra will be joining a special club of famous international cities – New York, London, Paris and Sydney have their own version of MONOPOLY, the world’s most famous board game, and very soon Accra will have too!

The board is being designed and developed as a joint initiative from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in partnership with Bestman Games, the official distributor of customized editions of MONOPOLY in Africa and Imani Consult Limited; and it couldn’t come at a better time as the MONOPOLY board game turned exactly 80 years this month.

And the public will get a say about what should make the board! People in Ghana can vote over a one week period – for which particular landmarks in Accra will feature on the new MONOPOLY: Accra Edition board.

There will be a special Facebook page for “Accra MONOPOLY” launched on the 25th March where suggestions and votes can be registered.


The public will be invited to nominate which locations – and crucially WHERE they should appear on the board.

So, for example, the famous Mayfair could become “Airport Residential” or “Independence Avenue” depending on the people’s votes. Landmarks expected to feature on the board include The Roman Ridge, Kwame Nkrumah Circle or Osu Oxford Street. Who knows, the famous Trasaco could also make the MONOPOLY edition?Monn“The entire game will be fully themed to the iconic locations of Accra.” reveals Bestman Games CEO, Nimi Akinkugbe. “When we open the voting we want to hear what people of Accra are most proud of – and which of the many amazing locations and landmarks should make the board!”

“There are only 22 locations on a MONOPOLY board; themed into only 8 property ‘sets’. We are expecting to see the best of Accra’s heritage, leisure, arts, sports, commerce and festivals. So tell Mr MONOPOLY about the places you love and in a few months, when the game is released, you could be landing on that very square on the official Accra MONOPOLY game.”

MONOPOLY has proven a great tool to learn about personal finance across the world and has been used extensively by parents and schools to teach key financial lessons. In Lagos, Nigeria, Bestman Games has hosted two annual MONOPOLY Inter-School Competitions and run MONOPOLY game nights every month for children. “It has been amazing to see children learn through playing MONOPOLY!” continues Mrs Akinkugbe who also hosts a Financial Advice show on National Radio, “What better way to pick up tips about money matters than through fun and play?”

Mono Last

Once the new Accra MONOPOLY has been designed and developed, it will be available for purchase and play across Accra, Ghana and The World. The very special customized edition will have a full Accra flavour and feel from the landmarks that take over the MONOPOLY property addresses, to fully customized ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ playing cards. ‘Go to Jail’? Maybe this will become ‘Go to YYYYY Jail’!

On Tuesday 25th March, 2015, The African Regent Hotel, will be hosting the official press conference for the announcement of the game; and the Facebook page will go live immediately.



MR MONOPOLY, joined by Mrs Akinkugbe, will be formally making the announcement on Wednesday (25th March 2015) at the Africa Regent Hotel in Accra. The Media is invited to assemble from 2pm at the Asomka Conference room and ask for Feyi Olunuga.

There will be lots of photography and film opportunities at The African Regent Hotel – as well as many giant MONOPOLY ‘props’ and the chance to meet Mr. MONOPOLY himself!

In addition a MONOPOLY game will be set up all ready to play in the Asomka room, with the Media invited to play Mr MONOPOLY and chat over WHY Accra has been selected and WHAT landmarks HE expects to fill the board when it hits shop shelves.

The Accra Edition of MONOPOLY is presented by Bestman Games, the African distributor of local editions of the MONOPOLY board game from Hasbro.

MONOPOLY is celebrating its’ 80th anniversary this year, having first hit shop shelves in 1935.

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Think Cash-flow! What can you earn; what may you need to spend?
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