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Marketing in Ghana Today

Marketers in Ghana are being called upon to come up with innovative ways to help businesses stay afloat in these trying times. The rampant retrenchment by organizations is even making the work of marketers more challenging than ever.

shutterstock_174065576The daily cut in marketing budgets to make way for profits is also killing brands and making companies unattractive. The cut in marketing budget is not a new thing, as alternative ways of marketing can keep marketing budgets low but how sustainable? In developing countries with high illiteracy rates, marketers have very little option than to still thrive on employing more traditional marketing methods for the mass markets.

Let the new marketer be a business- minded person who looks beyond the activities of marketing and carves a niche as a business developer. Someone who will be in a better position to advise the company.

Written by William Y. Ansah20c0cb3, CEO, Origin8, an Advertising and Marketing Communications Company

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