Idea factory Africa conference is the flagship conference of Idea Factory Africa, a global African community and a social enterprise, which welcomes young people from every discipline and culture who seek to influence the world through novel ideas. IFA believes passionately in the power of executable ideas and its potential to change attitudes, shape lives and ultimately transform the growth agenda of Africa and the world at large. The goal of the IFA conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution by creating an interactive platform that brings together some of Africa’s and the World’s most productive, creative visionaries and influential individuals to share pragmatic insights on how ideas are brought to life.

Scodo 20160520_194151The IFA conference 2016 opened with a speech from the co-founders, Kwame A. A. Opoku and Alfred K. Ayivor. They identified the need for young people who have varied ideas to have access to guidance, direction and support to bring their dreams into reality and how this led to the commencement of this initiative in 2014. The Board chair, Ofie Kodjoe, CEO of Onyx MGT, mentioned that Africa is endowed with talent, and young people are the change agents of the continent. She stressed on the fact that to ensure greater achievements in Africa, young people must begin to reject the status-quo.

The moderator, Rashida Saani Nasamu – Chief Executive, Izar Group, before the introduction of the panelists made some strong influential quotes; the success of every nation is much determined by the power of its human resource.

Below are the panelists and some strong points they made:

Fatimah Alimohammed, CEO African Brand Warrior

Fatimah started by pointing out the great opportunities that exist in Africa and also made a contrary statement revealing how Africa was failing in terms of civilization and competing to be the best importers despite the numerous natural resources. Fatimah was also surprised by how the slaves from Africa built America and wondered that if illiterate Africans could make America the powerful country in the world, then what are we, the literate Africans, today doing for ourselves? She ended by saying that, “we need to rise up and build Africa”.

IFA 1H. E. Sir Girmay Haile, Country Coordinator, UNAID Ghana

H. E. Haile expressed his great passion in seeing young people moving to start changing the status-quo. He commended the youth of today for becoming more African and also more educated. He asserted that the Africa of today is still struggling to feed its people, struggling to end wars, and thinking of the next continent to borrow from. He mentioned that the African Union is the only continent organization that its budget is 80% sponsored by external donors. Africa is the richest continent but does not know how to protect its resources and benefit from them. He went further to touch on the Africa that we want to see. We want an Africa that gives the opportunity to its youth to design their own future. We want an Africa with a growing youth of applicable talents. We want an Africa with great financial sustainability. He ended by commending the efforts of the IFA team in ensuring the development of the African continent.

Dr. Joyce Aryee, Executive Director – Salt & Light Ministries

Dr. Aryee also began by commending the co-founders of IFA for putting together such a program. She mentioned that the difference between a successful and failed business is the execution of ideas. The human mind, she said has the ability to come up with great ideas that are far beyond imagination. Ideas can be confusing, tricky and passive and until we work towards its realization, it will always remain a dream. She mentioned 7 things that one must consider in order to ensure a successful execution of ideas. That is;

  1. Be observant
  2. Engage with others
  3. Read books and seek information
  4. Use the internet as a source of knowledge
  5. Jot down ideas that come to mind
  6. Think and think through issues
  7. Bring structure into your ideas

She ended by expressing her confidence in young people by declaring them the answer to Africa’s success. She also encouraged young people to work hard and to cultivate the right mindset that the sky will always be the limit.

IFA3Other panelist included;

  • Herman Chinery-Hesse – I. T. Expert
  • Joseph Mbrokoh-Ewoal – C.E.O, Surfline
  • David Asare Asiamah – Agri-Entrepreneur
  • Ruka Sanusi – Founder, Alldens Lane
  • Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu – C.E.O, Africa 1 Media
  • Joseph Roberts-Mensah – Veteran Journalist
  • Fitzgerald Mensah – C.E.O, Capital Bank

IFA5These speakers spoke on diverse topics including;

  • The Africa we have to the Africa we want
  • First Mankind last Continent
  • Idea generation vs. idea execution
  • Utilizing IT/Home-grown innovation
  • Young Africans and Agrifood
  • Bridging the mentorship gap
  • Investing in Africa’s youth human capital
  • Redefining Africa’s narrative
  • Creating wealth in Africa for Africa

The Idea Factory Africa Conference 2016 ended with great networking opportunities and the hope that the desire to change the plight of the African Continent has been initiated at the Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City, Accra – Ghana on the 13th day of May 2016.

Author: Jacob K. Amengor, threesixtyGH Writer

Image Source: IFA 2016

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