Dr Ashifi Gogo

Dr. Gogo is the founder and CEO of Sproxil Worldwide. A global leader of mobile sms-based product authentication which operates in different parts of the world helping people avoid purchasing counterfeit products. Due to his personal experience with taking fake drugs. He was particularly concerned with counterfeit malaria pills in Ghana. Their service is often used by pharmaceutical companies globally to fight against the proliferation of counterfeit drugs which according to the World Health Organization is estimated to be a $600Billion industry.

He has gained various recognitions and awards across the world including Fortune’s `40 under 40` and being honored by the white house during its ‘Champions of Change’ awards ceremony in 2013. Dr Gogo’s Sproxil Worldwide is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world!


Prof Marian Ewurama Addy

Prof Addy was the first woman professor of Science at the University of Ghana. She contributed immensely to science education as the first Quiz Mistress and host of the popular weekly Science and Mathematics quiz program on TV; National Science and Maths Quiz (NMSQ). She hosted the program from 1993 to 2000. The well-known face and  Quiz Mistress  normally associated with the NMSQ; Dr Elsie Effah Kaufman started hosting the program in 2006.  In 2008, Prof Addy was the president of the Anglian University College of Technology. Not only did she serve as member and chair for numerous committees focused on the development of science but a strong advocate of traditional medical practice.  

Most of her actions were an effort in bridging the gap between scientific and indigenous knowledge of science. She has plenty awards under her belt from Africa and abroad but the one which really caught my eye was the Marketing Woman of the Year Award in 1995 for marketing Science education! Prof Marian Ewurama Addy passed away in 2014. She was an inspiration to children and women in the field of science.

Ave Kludze

Ave Kludze is Ghana’s rocket man and a senior NASA spacecraft systems engineer. He grew up in Dansoman-Saahara where he was well-known as a young genius fascinated by science. Kludze is the first African and Ghanaian to ever command and control a spacecraft in orbit. He designed the Human Locator which was quite unique at its time of its conception because of its miniature size and the concept of global location. The technology is intended to locate human beings anywhere in the world using satellite communications, GPS and other technologies. The device can be used not only to locate human beings but also cars or stolen items. Kludze is on worldwide of NASA’s best and brightest whose work on engineering has been published worldwide.


Fauster Atta Mensah

It may not seem proper to add this name to the list but his ability to fool the masses even the state owned TV station; GTV and the Ministry of Science and Education, is quite impressive. Fauster is a fraudster who lied to the whole nation in 2014. He claimed to be a computer scientist who had won a Nobel peace prize for creating a robotic hand! But in actual fact, Fauster had photoshopped images of himself and accredited them to NASA, added his name to the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners, created a profile of himself on and online posts about himself winning the Nobel Peace PrizE and finally fooled the Pentecost church. He went as far as setting up a profile at announcing himself as the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize, created a CNN account using Google’s get Africa online, and a YouTube channel; Aljazeera breaking news! Information on him online seemed so legit that he managed to weasel himself into an interview on GTV. The video was uploaded onto the Ministry of Science and Education’s YouTube Channel but was later taken down.

Fauster could have been resourceful to his country but chose not to. Currently nobody knows where he is. I still wonder why he did all this but one thing is for sure, Fauster has taught us never to believe hook, line and sinker everything we read online!


 WRITER – Mina Nana YaaYaa- threesixtyGh writer and contributor.

Images : Google

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