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Time and tide they say waits for no man and even though this is true, I might again say a stitch in time saves nine. We have it that as human as we are, we tend to prioritise things that matter to us but should our priority list be checked again, is the list really one that can take us far? Ask any growing child what they wish to be in the future and he or she is likely to mention something mind blowing. But then again, ask him or her, what motivates them and you might find them stuttering. Aspirations or dreams could come about as a result of an inborn conscience, desire to be what you wish to be as a result of having observed something for long and even, due to the desire to make quick money, you result to finding means to accomplish that.

Vision without determination or self-discipline is bound to head for destruction. With this said, a few words is what I wish to use to describe Edward Enninful, a Ghanaian and recently appointed editor-in-chief of British Vogue.

At a very young age, Edward together with his parents and five (5) other siblings moved to Hadbroke Grove in London. In his quest to find out what he wanted to become in the future, he observed with some interest that he loved fashion as a result of inspiration from his mother who worked as a seamstress blending vividly patterned colours and fabrics in her sewing.

He then got spotted on a train at the age of sixteen (16), by Simon Foxton (having no idea of who the later was). He again was approached by a model scout and having told them about his first approach, he was enlightened about who the first was.

Enninful describes his brief career in modelling as his “baptism into fashion” and this goes all the way to him being introduced to high profiled people as well as working with them as assistant director in i-D magazine. Still being young, thus seventeen (17) years, he worked his way through school and earned a degree at Goldsmiths, University of London amidst modelling and assisting on shoots.

He earned a trademark for himself as being with an “edgy elegance” by virtue of the customization of his clothes from the streets. Then in 1998, he became contributing editor to Italian Vogue. As said by him, “I always say that I was a London stylist but when I worked with Steven Mieisel, I became a proper stylist”. He again became contributing fashion editor for American Vogue in 2006 and then finally appointed as an officer of Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2016 as birthday honours for services in diversity in the fashion industry.

10th April 2017, he was confirmed as the editor-in-chief of British Vogue. Succeeding Alexandra Shulman, Jonathan New House announced him as “an influential figure in the communities of fashion Hollywood and music, which shape the cultural zeitgeist adding that by virtue of his talent and experience, Edward is supremely prepared to assume the responsibility of British Vogue”.

One striking thing in this brief about Enninful is that he has something that inspired him, he gained some education and then with some determination, he is paving his way into stardom. Our system might have it that what interests you will not be totally welcomed because as at the said time, things appear gloomy. But if it’s a burning desire, it’s sure to come out as something big within a matter of time. It’s not solely about the quickest way to make it in life or using dubious means to get there. What then happens when there supposed inspiration fades off?

One shouldn’t limit him or herself to just one thing, broaden your knowledge about what you wish to be seen with. Should you continue saying I will do it when I get to some level, it might never be done. Identify what motivates you and make sure you don’t loose focus. Then, you will also be celebrated within a matter of time.


WRITER- MILLICENT FORNYIKPOR- threesixtyGh writer/contributor.


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