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The 2nd West Africa Telecom Summit and Expo was recently held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra. The essence of the summit was to draw all Telco’s and stakeholders in the Telecom and technology industry for dialogue on matters relating to the use of technology, not only in Ghana, but also in sub-Saharan Africa. The summit also came with an expo that had more than 10 different technology companies, telecoms, and start-ups exhibiting their products and engaging attendees about their services. Among several matters that were discussed i.e. how to ensure a cashless society and how to ensure more females are in the technology sphere, one matter that took center stage during the plenary session was how Cloud Services can be used to drive business.

Cloud use in Ghana 3

Tunyi Alabi, CIO of Fidelity Bank Ghana and Jonathan Tawiah, CEO of OSTEC were the panelist mandated to share their expert views on how Cloud can be used to drive business and what the Cloud ecosystem looks like in Africa. Well! Is only normal that by now you’ve asked yourself these questions: What is a Cloud? Are we in a Cloud? If we are, then where is the Cloud? What relevance does the Cloud holds to you as an individual? Among a host of other questions that are Cloud centered. The Cloud is a fast growing phenomenon in boosting businesses. Since its usage has effects on your activities we will share some snippets from the plenary session. To begin, permit us to enlighten you on what a Cloud really is? It is a platform on the Internet from, which you can store, access data and programs instead of using your computer’s hard drive. Now a few snippets from our panelist:

Cloud use in Ghana

Tunyi Alabi CIO of Fidelity Bank Ghana

Tunyi made a strong case for the use of Clouds in driving businesses, especially when available data in the 21st Century were becoming voluminous. However, he was quick to add that Cloud is a way and not the way in making businesses succeed, since not everything is “cloudable”. He went on to add that the biggest asset of every bank is customer information and so it must be guided like gold and that is when Cloud becomes an option. He said Fidelity Bank uses Cloud by inputting productive tools and in years to come the bank would move most of their information into the cloud.

Jonathan Tawiah –CEO of OSTEC

If there is anything that makes people not want to use the Cloud than it is about how secured it is. This was the perspective from which Jonathan made his opening statements. Telling attendees that security is a bottomless pit and that no company can say they are free from attack. He added that we should accept that banking has changed and that accepting the services of Cloud will be enough to drive growth. This will only happen if there is some form of collaboration between banks and Telecoms.

Kazeem Oladepo, Business Executive Officer of MainOne

Kazeem joined in the plenary session at the tail end of the discussion. He responded to a question from an attendee who wanted to know measures that can be implemented to ensure that more people get online. Kazeem made it clear that in order to drive people to the Internet we must add more content online. Because as long as the Internet has content people are looking for they are forced to come online.

To conclude, the 2nd West Africa Telecom Summit and Expo was a good platform to discover new trends in the telecom industry and technology in general.

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