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5 Jan 1909 – Panama Independent State

An agreement was signed on this date between Columbia, Panama, and the United States to make Panama an independent state. According to one news source, part of the reason for the encouraged succession of Panama is the fact that Columbia had claims of damages against the United States.


5 Jan 1914 – $5.00 Per Day Wages At Ford

Henry Ford introduces a revolutionary pay deal when he introduces $5.00 per day wages for all his Ford workers. When asked about the pay he tells reporters that he wants his Ford workers to earn enough to be able to afford to buy a Ford motor car.


5 Jan 1933 – Golden Gate Bridge

Work is started on The Golden Gate Bridge across the San Francisco Bay


5 Jan 1940 – U.S.A. FM Radio

5th January 1940: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listened to a demo of FM radio on this day. In 1941, FM transmitting took place for the first time.

5 Jan 1952 – Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

5th January 1952: Winston Churchill, arrives in the United States for an official visit, his first since re-election.

5 Jan 1959 – Middle East Cold War Zone

On this day, President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the Middle East as a Cold War battleground. This happened in order to take action against communism.
One of the additional actions during this time period was also to have troops sent per request of the Lebanon government. Help was needed by the Lebanese who were suffering bouts of civil national strife.
The Middle East policy to take action that President Eisenhower had created was referred to as the “Eisenhower Doctrine”. Many people believed in Eisenhower’s ideals to control communism while others disagreed with it.

5 Jan 1972 – Space Shuttle Funding

President Richard Nixon signs a bill authorizing $5.5 million in funding to develop a space shuttle which would represent a giant leap forward in the technology of space travel The first shuttle Columbia is launched in 1981.

5 Jan 1993 – Ethiopia Peace Talks

5th January 1993: Peace talks were attempted in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia. However, these talks lead to at least one person dying. The peace talks were originally initiated by UN Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali to the Somalian Government.
Three times within five days angry crowds had gathered in response to the above-mentioned general’s proposal. Rocks and garbage were thrown at the UN headquarters.
In addition to the one person reported as being killed, three police officers along with 13 other people were injured by gunshot. Additionally, 100 others were injured in the Melee.


5 Jan 2009 – Tenth Day Of Israeli Attacks In Gaza

The Israeli assault against Hamas militants in Gaza enters its 10th day with air attacks against mosques, and the suspected homes of Hamas leaders, the death toll so far is put at more than 500 and diplomatic efforts are under way to end the Israeli Attacks on the area. The attacks are in retaliation for militant rocket attacks on towns and cities in Israel where 5 people have been killed.

5 Jan 2010 – Obama verifies that Guantánamo Bay will be closing

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama has said the Yemen-linked plot to bomb an airliner over Detroit will not prevent the closure of the prison at Guantánamo Bay. The U.S. has suspended the repatriation of any Yemeni prisoners being held there. Nearly half of those remaining at Guantánamo Bay are from Yemen. Obama had originally set a deadline of January 22nd to close the camp, but this will not be happening.

5 Jan 2011 – United States House of Representatives Taken Over by Republicans

The United States House of Representatives is formally taken over by the new Republican majority after the 2010 mid- term elections. Republican John Boehner of Ohio became the new Speaker of the House and spoke of greater government accountability. The new Congress is expected to face many challenges as issues of budget and regulation changes are set to be addressed.



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