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5 Ways to Know You Are An Entrepreneur

‘Ideas are a dime a dozen’ you’ve heard them say. If you have a crazy good idea, chances are that someone somewhere in a parallel world, already has a version of that idea too. Are you still wondering whether an idea is worth pursuing? You just may have that entrepreneurship spark. Still not sure? Read on.

  1. You are a dreamer and an idea ninja: If you speak to any successful entrepreneur, you may find one thing; that they are all dreamers. Perhaps you see the world not as it is, but as it could be. Interestingly, once you start a project, the ideas do not run out, they actually keep flowing and even threaten to keep you awake. A good tip is to have a notepad or smartphone ready so you can write or record the ideas as they come to help clear your head.
  1. More than just work: For you, it is not just about working or making money. Of course that is important too; you want to be able to provide for your family and loved ones. The difference with entrepreneurs is that you want that impact to go beyond your own circle of influence. Extending to other families and communities as you create jobs and opportunities for many is one of your many motivations.
  1. You see solutions everywhere While your friends are complaining about dumsor, you are busily working out several ways it could be solved, or ideas around it; and some of your solutions are pretty good too. A big part of entrepreneurship is about problem solving. From the idea stage all the way to implementation and day-to-day running of your venture, you spend the majority of the time solving one challenge after the other.
  1. Higher tolerance for risk: Risk who? Your tolerance for risk is higher than most, as you are constantly thinking of laying it all out and chasing that vision at any cost. You are not afraid to fail, and you don’t give easily. In fact, you are more afraid of not achieving your dreams than you are of failure. Make those risks more calculated with research and a trusted confidant you can bounce off those ideas, and see them take off.
  1. Can’t hold a job too long without wanting to do more: Have you ever wondered why people leave jobs with Google to chase a dream? Many entrepreneurs leave stable and coveted positions to start their companies to the awe and amazement of onlookers especially close friends and family. Only you can understand the passion, and no other job can provide that same level of fulfilment.

Entrepreneurship is hard to define or pinpoint, and this list is a mini version of all the complex decision making and traits that makes one a successful entrepreneur. If one or all of these apply to you, then chances are that you have the entrepreneurship DNA. Now it is time to do something about it.

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Brainy Quote for the week: The secret to success is constancy of purpose.

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