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22 Year Old Student Shines With STA Africa

Nadia Nana Yaa Owusu is a 22-year-old budding entrepreneur in the art industry who started her arts crusade – STA AFRICA in 2014 in order to curb the situation of unemployment among young and talented artists.

With less than two years she has gone out of her way to ensure artists get the recognition they need, she again has created numerous opportunities for them and also dedicated her time to share their success stories in order to motivate youngsters who want to pursue arts as their career.

Apart from her vision for Africa as a rising continent, she is keen about the youth embracing entrepreneurship and has presented more than 200 young individuals with entrepreneurial opportunities and also helped in facilitating and organising about 7 seminars for students and young individuals; and developed a start-up centre solely to groom the youth in entrepreneurship.

As selfless as she is, she volunteers to support NGOs and she is relentless about making a positive impact wherever she finds herself. She is a mentor to many and continues to inspire the youth and many others to take up the mantle of entrepreneurship to bring about positive change in Africa.

In 2015, she was awarded at the Platinum Entrepreneurial Solutions Conference with the best innovative start-up idea (STA AFRICA) which motivated her to continue to pursue her entrepreneurial dream wholeheartedly with no pause.

In 2016, she won Best Entrepreneur of the year at the Ghana Tertiary Women’s Awards and STA AFRICA won Best Woman Led organisation. She continues to present many opportunities to young people and she is an inspiration to the youth.

STA AFRICA is an art organisation that serves as a community for artists, where their skills and creative talents are appreciated as well as managed effectively and appropriately to make them stand out as great artists, entrepreneurs and change makers wherever they find themselves.

Over the years, we have indulged in outdooring a lot of unique artistic talents spanning from fashion designers, musicians, painters, actors and the like all over Africa; we have helped train many young individuals and nurtured their entrepreneurial abilities, worked with a number of art organizations/foundations and event houses and involved ourselves in “ART” related campaigns like our SPYDA (STAA-Pursuing Your Dreams In Arts) project we introduced last year to encourage young ones to embrace arts and pursue it.

Some of the services STA Africa provides include; Artist Managements for creative entrepreneurs, Event Management, Exhibition Coordination, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Entrepreneurial Conferences, Community Projects.

Many lives have been transformed, and many more have experienced a touch of STA AFRICA in diverse ways and for this STA Africa has received two nominations and won the best startup idea in 2015 at the PLATINUM ENTREPRENEURIAL SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE as well as the Best Woman Led Organization in 2016 in the maiden edition of the GHANA TERTIARY WOMEN AWARD and recently the University Team at Legon placed third at the Pitch Your Biz Competition held by the Counselling and Careers Centre.

STA Africa since its immersion has had over 50 registered artists within West Africa mainly Ghana and Nigeria and is still welcoming much more.

It has published the inspiring stories of budding and established artists including their own members in Ghana, Nigeria and also Liberia to motivate others not give up on the career pursuit as artists.

In order to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the youth, STA Africa developed a start -up centre SSC (STAA STARTUP CENTRE) which focuses on providing entrepreneurial opportunities for African youth to realise their dreams, begin their businesses and start their companies within the shortest possible time. With this STA Africa partnered with a Texas-based organisation together with the UG COUNSELLING AND CAREER CENTER to organise the 3 Day Startup Bootcamp for University of Ghana students. Other partnerships are with Bright Child Foundation, an NGO institution that seeks to support brilliant but financially unsound students to continue their education by providing them with educational materials and supporting them financially.

The Pumpkins Foundation in their annual Arts for Charity Workshop and activities to raise funds to assist children living with HIV/AIDS partnered with STA Africa. Other artists have been given the exposure and platforms they deserve to exhibit their creative abilities and artworks using social media and events.

STA Africa had about 7 brands to exhibit with, thus last year at subsidised rates at the grand CHALE WOTE ART festival.

STA AFRICA promises to do more and be better in the years to come to ensure Africa keeps rising and can stand independently as a continent.

Writer: Nana Yaa Aidan; threesixtyGh/Writer/Contributor

Images: Nadia Nana Yaa Owusu


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