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Technology continues to find numerous ways to make our lives easier each day. The technological era in which we find ourselves continues to evolve, presenting the world with a myriad of solutions for daily problems and needs. However, a gap exists between the people who need information on technological applications and the people who are curious enough to know how a particular application is beneficial to them in the daily activities.

AFDTechTalk is a startup that seeks to bridge this gap. We take a look at the operations of AFDTechTalk in this interview with the founder, Kwamina Arthur.

Could you give us a brief overview of AFDTechTalk and what your startup is all about? 

AFDTechTalk is a tech-media startup that plans on disseminating information about technological applications and solutions in very simple language. There are so many awesome technological solutions created by Ghanaians but there isn’t enough information about them. In the rare case that the information exists, it will be scattered. With afdtechtalk.com, we can leverage on digital and social media to publicize information about the use of technology and also assist people with technology applications and ideas.

What inspired the birth of AFDTechTalk?

I was inspired by my passion when it comes to tech and my desire to help others. Among my peers, I’m always the go-to guy when it comes to tech troubleshooting and support in general. More often than not, I get asked the same question more than once. Also, I noticed that most of the tech blogs I subscribe to offer very technical information that becomes abstract for an average user who doesn’t care about technicalities and just wants his problem solved. With my knowledge in tech, and my initial team (Kojo and Daniela), we created AFDTechTalk


So how long has AFDTechTalk been in existence

Our first post was on the 14th of January, 2016 so we’ve been around for almost 5 months

  • The team consists of how many people and their duties?
  • Kwamina Arthur – Founder & Contributor (@kwamina_arthur)
  • KojoEghan – Co-Founder & Contributor (@keg2han)
  • Daniela Okafor – Co-Founder & Contributor (@hi_im_dannie)
  • Sean Renner – Contributor (@SeanReezy25)
  • Isaac Adjei Owusu – Lead Editor
  • Richard Adjei – Editor (@GreatnessGH)
  • Precious Baidoo – Business Development Lead (@preciousbaidoo)
  • Jesse Ofori – Business Development (@oforijesse)
  • Estella AkitiAmaglo – Social Media

What does AFDTechTalk set to achieve in relation to technology?

We know that while tech flaunts a certain enigma about itself, it is actually not that far-fetched. Our conviction is that in communicating tech issues in all simplicity, we are able to demystify these seemingly complex concepts to provide basic understanding. That is why we’ve set ourselves up to serve you with the simplest, most timely and relevant feed of technology issues. Read our app reviews, device reviews, technology news and general hacks on devices to keep up to speed with the latest technology. Our objective is simple: Let’s talk tech in simple English.

What has inspired you on your journey so far with respect to your work at AFDTechTalk?

Those who constantly read our posts, share, comment and ask questions. They’re the reason why we’re in business so if they read and provide feedback, our job is done. The other afd interview contributors also inspire me as well because juggling writing relevant posts with a day job is not an easy feat.

What has been your greatest achievement?

The most notable achievement for me will be when we managed to record 10,000 page views in less than 5 months. It’s our policy not to spam social media with our posts so we publicize our posts sparsely. So it’s mainly the eight of us and a few other very helpful users on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ who constantly share our posts. Given this, clocking 10,000 is very remarkable. Currently we’ve crossed the 17,000 page views mark

What has been the greatest challenge that you have faced?

Writing articles for the blog is a hobbyist activity because we’re all in full time employment. In order to excel at both the workplace and in writing the articles, we have to either wake up very early or stay deep in the night to complete it. Oh, and our weekends are also almost used up to. So that is a great challenge for all of us. We also struggle with post engagement. A lot of people read in the background but do not comment or share. We love feedback so the deprivation of it causes us to second-guess ourselves sometimes.

AFD Contributors (1)

What has contributed to the success story of  AFDTechTalk?

The excellence of the writers and our approach to stories. First of all, we have the technical knowledge and the passion needed to excel. Also, we write about our forte; which for some time was Android technology and technology in and around Ghana. By focusing on our strengths, we have become a formidable and authoritative figure in the space in which we operate. Also our writing style is very much relaxed and less-technical — we understand tech enough to explain to grandmothers

What goals do you seek achieve by the end of this year

We want to have as many people as possible read our posts. Also, we would love to cover more aspects of technology — We would want to have people contribute posts on Apple,Windows,Linus, etc, We also want to constantly improve our timeliness and continuously refresh our writing style.

Personally, what are your other interests apart from AFDTechTalk and technology in general?

If I am not writing tech posts, I am consuming them. I enjoy watching TED talks as well.

Any final thoughts you would like to share with threesixtyGH? 

If you don’t believe in your dream, no one will. New things take time.

You can visit the AFDTechTalk page on Facebook to be abreast with technological information of applications that you are already using.

Author: Kwesi Otoo, threesixtyGH writer 

Image Source:  afd-techtalk.com

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